Freshman competes in Warrior Dash


Photo credit: Tracy Nevels

Kylie Nevells is an avid cross country runner and decided to taking her endurance to a new level by competing in the Warrior Dash.

Madison Hicks, Social Media Manager

Fitness often requires persistence, hard work, and many goals; many goals, including a competition to show off your accomplishments. For freshman Kylie Nevells, this competition was the Warrior Dash.

A BSM Cross Country team member and avid runner, Nevells decided to take her running skills to new heights by competing in this obstacle-course based race. “The Warrior Dash is a 5k race that consists of obstacles all along the course and is set on hilly terrain to make it more challenging for the runners,” Nevells said.

Her success in the Warrior Dash won her a place in the Warrior Dash World Championship in California.

Though she is a strong runner and an intense competitor, Nevells and her family and friends had originally decided to participate only in the non-competitive aspect of the race here in Minnesota. “We were originally planning on running in the regular wave, but we got to the race early enough to participate in the competitive wave––the competitive wave isn’t very competitive [in Minnesota]––so we snuck into that,” Nevells said.

In the end, this turn of events paid off for Nevells, who qualified for the Warrior Dash World Championship in Northern California. “I placed 24th in the top 25, so I was able to travel and participate in the Warrior Dash World Championship in California. I attempted to go last year, but I wasn’t technically old enough to qualify. [Although] I ran in the Minnesota competition anyways last year, but I am excited to go this year,” Nevells said.

Travelling to Northern California for one of the largest races in the sport was a huge accomplishment for Nevells, and she was extremely grateful for the opportunity she was presented with. “I didn’t even think [California] was an option, but my mom and dad talked about it and decided that I was going to go since it was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Nevells said. “I was extremely grateful, and my dad and I went together and loved it.”

Finishing the race and placing number 67 out of 80 other women, Nevells is extremely happy with how she did and would love the opportunity to train and participate in the competition again. “I will most definitely be running in the Minnesota Warrior Dash again, and we’ll just have to see if I qualify or not for the California race,” said Nevells.