Drama department to present “Sleepy Hollow”

Jimmy Youngblut, Staff Writer

On October 31st, many kids will be trick or treating, but as an extra treat for BSM students, Benilde-St. Margaret’s is putting on the play Sleepy Hollow. Sleepy Hollow stars Ty Hanson as Ichabod Crane, Jacqui Theisen as Katrina Van Tassel, and Alec Lawrenz as Brom Bones. The play was chosen after a long period of deliberation as it corresponds with the current season of Autumn, as well as the nationwide holiday of Halloween.

The selection of Sleepy Hollow was met with strong support and enthusiasm from the cast. “The play is always really nice, and everyone in the theater is really supportive, and we’re all really excited,” Hanson said. The play is to be shown on the October 31, Halloween, as well as the November 1 and 2.