Students gather at Friday morning prayer service

Claire Holden, Staff Writer

Every Friday, Benilde-St.Margaret’s campus minister Mike Jeremiah hosts a Friday morning prayer. This 10 minute time period for students to clear their minds is in the chapel at 7:40. Students of all grades can reflect on their week and think about the weekend.

Friday Morning prayer started when a group of seniors in 2003 wanted a time each week to pray in the chapel with a group of their peers, and the tradition has been carried on. A small number of people attend; usually only 10 to 15 people meet every week.

All students are welcome, and people of all grades show up every week. Jeremiah says that the people who go to Friday morning prayer generally find that it gives them a very good start to their day and to their weekend.

“It’s a very brief, informal 10 minutes that we spend together in the chapel. It’s just a chance to clear our minds and bring our intentions and our prayers before each other and before God,” said Jeremiah, “Students are always invited to come and join us.”

BSM Junior Sabrina Ehrmantraut is one of the students who regularly attends Friday Morning Prayer. “I go for a little bit of the religious aspect and a little bit for the environment of it; it’s a safe place,” Ehrmantraut said. Ehrmantraut started going in the middle of her sophomore year when she was feeling stressed out and needed a place to go and relieve stress at the end of each week.

Friday morning prayer provides a great way for a community of students to relax and relieve stress before the start of the school.