Kaisei Gakuin students visit BSM


Marley Rozman

BSM students introduced the visitors from Kaisei Gakuin to our technology in the classroom.

Johnny Mack, Staff Writer

For the sixth consecutive year the BSM community will be hosting sister school Kaisei Gakuin from Nagasaki, Japan. On October 3, 64 students, a record high, will fill the hall with their vibrant smiles and curiosity about the American school system. They will spend their day shadowing students that are in Link Crew or the newly founded BSM Ambassador Program.

This unique tradition started 6 years ago when Senior High Principal Sue Skinner was made aware of a school in japan that shared similar religious values with BSM.

BSM families generously offer to hosts these kids every year. Many families have reported having a wonderful experience hosting a Japanese student for a week inspiring many more families to do the same. Senior Charlie Jones and sophomore Christopher Jones are one of the families hosting a student for the first time this year. “My mom just kind of started looking into it and thought it would be a fun idea. She heard from multiple families that it was a good time and a special experience, and then we decided to host one,” Jones said.

In addition to spending a day at BSM, the students will also tour the Mall of America, Minnehaha Falls, The College of St. Benedict, and St. John’s University. “Their school is built on the same charisms that BSM is built on, and that is also why they are looking at St. Johns and St. Bens: the Benedictines played a huge role in the building of those two schools too,” Director of admissions Heather Lee said.

This Program gives Kaisei Gakuin students a unique view into the american education system and allows the BSM community to learn a lot about the Japanese culture. “Many students are interested to going to school here in America and this program gives them a unique opportunity to experience American life and culture,” Lee said.