Big changes coming to history club

Molly Eldevik and Sarah Letscher

The history buffs at BSM met for the first time this year in the library conference room on September 25. It was here that the student leaders, Andy Hudlow and Megan Haakonson, both seniors, introduced the changes to the History Club and announced a new format they plan to enforce.

BSM’s History Club is part of the National History Club (NHC). This affiliation allows students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA in two AP History courses to receive special honors for their commitment to the study of history. Additionally, members of two years will be honored with tassels at graduation emphasizing their aptitude for the subject. “It’s great to be part of the Society because it awards kids for their interest and dedication to learning about history”, Hudlow said.

The history club was headed by former AP history teacher, Kathy Fuelling, and is now overseen by Psychology and AP Government teacher, Ken Pauly. All three leaders of the club are working to effectively meet the requirements of their new partnership with NHHS as opposed to previous years of relaxed discussions. “We used to just meet to talk and watch National Treasure; Now we are going for a more sophisticated, student-led approach in which the members are the ones doing the educating,” said Hudlow.

Each time the club meets, two students will give a presentation on a historical figure, certain era, or specific event of history. “We’re working on building a more organized structure to go more in depth on topics that we are passionate about, and want to make others passionate about,” Hudlow said.

Although the structure is more organized, members are given freedom to pursue what they are interested in by presenting any subject in any way they desire. “It will be fun to not only learn about history, but also our peers, through watching them speak about their favorite historical topics,” said Haakonson.

With more effective education methods, the history club is looking forward to sparking historical passion within BSM students. As the club embraces their new responsibilities, they manage to maintain a laid back learning environment that simply encourages students to continue learning about what they love.