Theology department develops book club

Colin Sheeley, Staff Writer

The Theology Department, in coordination with the Parent Association, is aiming to encourage reading outside of classrooms in Benilde-St. Margaret’s through a book reading event. During Catholic Schools Week, January 26 to February 1, students, parents and teachers are encouraged to read the book proposed by Parent Association Faith & Wellness co-chairs, Molly Anderson and Jane Steck.

The book, titled “Tattoos of the Heart,” is a narrative written by Catholic priest Gregory Boyle about his missionary work in Los Angeles, specifically his work with gang members. Boyle offers gang members many social services such as job placement and training, education through a charter high school, and various forms of counseling. The book focuses on seeing past gang affiliation, and centering on the spiritual side of the human being. “I just finished it and think students as well as parents will really like it,” Anderson said.

A book discussion will be offered to students and teachers who want to discuss the issues and topics of “Tattoos of the Heart” on Tuesday, January 28, offering both morning and evening meetups.