BSM supports Cretin-Derham Hall through “purple and gold out”

Kate Sprenger, Staff Writer

Reversing a previously made decision for Friday to be “twin day,” the BSM student council decided on designating Friday, December 13 as a “purple and gold out” in honor of Cretin-Derham Hall high school. Because of the three student deaths in one month at CDH, the student council felt it was appropriate to show BSM’s support in a time of hardship, especially after receiving tremendous support after Jack Jablonski’s injury. “It reminded us of how many schools showed their support for us after Jack’s injury by having ‘white-outs’ at their schools. So, someone mentioned we should do a ‘purple & gold out’ for CDH to let them know we are thinking about them,” Ms. Katie McDonald, Spanish teacher and student council adviser, said.

BSM finds it extremely important to help others inside and outside of the community as a Catholic school. “I think as a school community of faith we should always be aware of what goes on in other schools in our community, good or bad. It helps us to be mindful of others and to not be focused solely on ourselves. At BSM we try to encourage our students to reach out to others in their time of need. Jesus always showed kindness and compassion to others and we should do the same,” Ms. McDonald said.