Senior pursues passion for making and producing music

Senior Thomas Gorrilla’s strong passion for music make him place a great importance on it in his life. Gorilla is involved in creating music in a workspace that he created himself. He used his closet to set up a “recording studio”, per say, in which he writes, raps, sings, and creates his own beats.

Gorilla began his musical pursuit during his sophomore year, when he created a music video as a joke. After his friend commented on how impressive it turned out to be, he was inspired to begin playing around with GarageBand on his Mac computer, creating remixes of songs. “It’s a good way to get emotions out,” Gorilla said.

Although Gorilla has a strong passion for music, he is a dedicated athlete and student, and he doesn’t put music before his sports and school. “I never ignore my school work to do music, but if I have time I can start and be making it for hours,” Gorilla said.

As his music developed, Gorilla started using Logic Pro, a higher quality application. After making most of his music in his friend’s office, he was given the Blue Yeti, a high quality microphone, and was able to set up a studio in his own room that provided more opportunities to spend time on music. He buys his professional quality beats from SoundClick, a website for downloading music.

As of right now, Gorilla is trying to publicize his music throughout BSM. Gorilla looks forward to expanding his music abilities and opportunities in the future. He is attending St. Thomas University and is hoping to be able to perform at his new school. He looks to also grow his fan base and give people the opportunity to hear his music. His new cover of the song “Girls Love Beyoncé” by Drake comes out next week, with a cover design by senior Eleanor Raether.

Thomas Gorilla’s musical passion stands as a great example of working hard to fulfill a dream of carrying out one’s talent, while still maintaining the balance between school work and sports.