Nordic teams have good showings at conference meet

Aidan O'Driscoll, Staff Writer

The nordic conference races took place on a cold Friday in January. BSM had a good showing with the boys coming in seventh out of eleven, and the girls coming in eighth out of eleven.

The boys team was led by junior Andrew Egger who placed seventh with a time of 28:03, closely followed by junior Andy Renier who finished in ninth with a time of 28:10. “For how young our team is, we did very well, everyone has improved a lot thanks to great coaching and hard work,” Egger said.

The girls team was lead by sophomore Rachel Conley who placed 43 with a time of 39:52.

The freezing weather made for good racing conditions, but didn’t help the racers warmth. “The snow was just icy enough to be a really fast course but not too much to make you fall. It was a ton of fun but a lot of hard work,” Conley said.

The racers await the decision for whom makes sections where the top seven racers from BSM will be participating.