Confessions of a male “gleek”


Chris Bell

Junior Will Jarvis stands out from the average female “gleek,” but that doesn’t mean he is any less passionate about the popular TV show.

Will Jarvis, Staff Writer

Like many of the girls at my school, I spend my Thursday nights with my butt glued to the couch watching Fox from 8-9 PM. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Will, you’re so manly and athletic, I would have never thought you watched ‘Glee.’” Well, that’s just what makes me such a well-rounded and desirable individual (and ladies, yes, I am single).

The truth is, I wait every single week for that one hour of television that I so deeply desire, but lately it has become more of a need. One might say I am an addict, and, over the summer, this became increasingly evident. I often held “Glee” karaoke nights with my best friends, Ernie and Charlie (my cats). Because my feline friends could neither speak nor critique me, I sang with all my passion, unafraid to miss a high note, or suffer a voice crack that would leave me socially and emotionally scarred if it were to occur in a setting with fellow humans.

But when that day came––oh that glorious day!––when the greatest show the western world has ever come to know, “Glee,” returned to our television sets, I could not contain my excitement. With new additions like Kate Hudson, the best cast on prime-time television added to its superiority.

I’m not here to write a review though. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the show, so it seems to me that a review would be a pointless waste of time. “Glee” is a way of life, and while I watch it every Thursday with my mother, its impact goes beyond that single hour each and every week.

This way of life translates to one of my many goals here on Earth: to be Sam Evans. No, not be like him, but to truly become the blonde star that so many girls have been enamored by. Although I lack a mouth the size of the Grand Canyon, in my heart, I truly believe that I can transform into this fictional character.

While all of this new and shocking information about myself may be overwhelming, I urge each and everyone of you reading this not to judge me. I am a normal 16-year-old guy who just happens to have a slight obsession with a television program primarily watched by teen girls. “Glee” may be a lifestyle, and while I own every shirt that was sold at the “Glee Live! In Concert!” tour, it does not define me.

I will not hide in the shadows of “cool” shows that guys watch and conform to the social norms, but instead, I will stand up for what I believe in: well rehearsed and choreographed cover songs. I am proud and pleased to say that I am a “gleek.”