Senior elected delegate of Chanhassen’s seventh precinct

Giulia Imholte, Student Life Editor

With the 2012 elections fast approaching, many of those turning 18 are becoming more invested in politics. However, few take the extra step to further involve themselves in the elections. The same is not true for senior Jordan Dritz, who was voted delegate of the seventh precinct of Chanhassen at the Minnesota caucus on Feb, 7, 2012.

Dritz has always been politically inclined, more so than the average high school student. “I’ve always been fascinated by the political system in our country. In first grade, I volunteered myself to help construct yard signs for the Bush campaign, and since then, I’ve just tried to stay involved,” said Dritz.

When Dritz attended the Minnesota caucus, the first step in the presidential nomination process, with her father, she did not expect to be elected delegate. In fact, she was nominated for the position by a stranger. “One of the head guys suggested that if any younger kids, teenagers, really liked politics, then they should be given a chance to be a delegate. And someone pointed to me and said, ‘I nominate that girl,’ because I was the only teenager in the room,” said Dritz.

After being nominated, Dritz’s duties as a delegate ranged from taking calls to organizing polls, and eventually participating in the Carver County convention. “The reason they ask delegates [to take calls] is because they want to ask people who they assume have done research and formed educated opinions. And then, my job for the Carver County convention was to be the official teller. I counted straw polls,” said Dritz.

Unfortunately, Dritz was not able to pursue her delegation any further due to the fact that college will conflict with future conventions. “I wasn’t able to be nominated for the congressional or state conventions because of college,” said Dritz.

While college may keep her from pursuing her delegacy, Dritz does plan to stay involved in politics. “Next year, I plan to pursue Political Science, either that or Business. If anyone asked me what I was majoring in I would probably say Political Science. I plan on getting involved with the Republicans Club at college, and doing whatever I can to help out with the campaign in Tennessee,” said Dritz.