Speech team suits up for first tournament

Emily Kline, Staff Writer

Ready to suit up for competition after three months of practice, the speech team begins its 2012 season this Saturday, Jan. 28, at Eden Prairie High School. This tournament, followed by seven others, as well as conference and sections, marks the team’s first introduction to competing schools they’ll be facing this year.

After a successful in-house tournament last weekend, which allowed the team’s 80 members to practice in a tournament setting with judge feedback, head coach Maura Brew believes the team’s ready for its next step: Eden Prairie’s new setting, judging, and competition. “Eden Prairie will be the first big competition. It’s our first exposure to many of the big teams. It will be a demanding competition,” said Mrs. Brew.

Long-time speech veterans have confidence that Eden Prairie not only offers needed experience to new members, but has the potential to reward high rankings for BSM. “We tend to be one of the better teams at Eden Prairie, definitely in the top three,” said Colin FitzGerald, one of the team’s senior captains.

As for the rest of the season, Mrs. Brew hopes not only for strong rankings, but for an enjoyable experience for members learning about public speaking and bonding as a team. “We have quite a lot of young members. I would love them to have a fulfilling experience,” said Brew.