Working hard for his musical talents


Senior Rob Shaver has always loved music and expresses it by singing and playing piano.

Sam Flumerfelt, photographer

While some students may collect baseball cards, coins, or senior pictures, senior Rob Shaver has made a hobby of producing his own music.

At age five, Shaver learned to play piano, which later got him into the drums and singing. Once he started making his music, Shaver has found it to be something enjoyable, relaxing, and fun. “I really get to express myself creatively by the music that I make and the words that I say in the song,” said Shaver.

The process that Shaver uses to create his melodies is a tedious one. “I use a program called Protools to produce a synth line and drum track to create a beat and rhythm,” said Shaver. “After I create that, I write the lyrics to the song.”

After producing the songs, Shaver uploads them to the web for everyone to enjoy. “I distribute them through itunes and,” said Shaver. “I can’t remember how many songs I have done, but there are way too many to count.”

Along with producing the music, Shaver has been able to work with professionals to help him create an ideal piece of music. “I have met with a bunch of studios and producers, and I have made connections that I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t done this,” said Shaver. “During the summer, I volunteer at ‘The One Studio,’ the studio that helps me with my music.”

Although Shaver may be singing and producing his own music, he has had the opportunity to sing his songs with other featured guests, some of whom are from our school. “I have done songs with Truth Himself, D’Arcy Spiller, Rapper Roma, and I am working with Dubstep artist, Dubraider,” said Shaver. “I find people that I can reach, but who can work with the song that is their style of music.”

Even though producing music seems like an interesting hobby, Shaver has pointed out its flaws. “My least favorite part is that I run out of ideas and have dry spells,” said Shaver. “I just wait until something comes to me, or I just keep making tracks until something clicks.”

Since his first album, “Spring Fever,” Shaver has already begun his next album, which will be released in the summer of 2011. After high school, Shaver hopes to proceed with his music. “I am thinking about a career with commercials,” said Shaver. “Otherwise I think I will still push my music through college and make it more of a hobby.”