Corpora Sana brings serenity

Dana Buckhorn

More than 30 students stretch their bodies and boundaries in Corpora Sana, a club established by junior Kate Hinkens, as they begin each Friday by pretzeling their bodies and abandoning their thoughts in pursuit of inner peace.

Corpora Sana, largely known as “yoga,” gives students an opportunity to find health in their mind, body, and spirit. Every Friday morning at 7:15, Hinkens guides the students through gentle yoga postures and stretches in the Hamburge Theater. “I began this club in hopes of bringing the benefits of yoga to students in the BSM community,” said Hinkens.

The name Corpora Sana, meaning “healthy body,” is borrowed from the centuries old Jesuit educational teaching “mens sana in corpora sana” or “healthy mind in healthy body.” This exercise allows one to focus on breathing while meditating and adopting different body postures. “[The name Corpora Sana] better describes what we are doing than calling it ‘yoga,’” said Hinkens.

Because some consider yoga to be associated with Hinduism, BSM did not endorse the use of the term in the club’s description. The definition of yoga is simply “to unify,” and expresses no religious significance, but “it is important that we are not misunderstood in our intention for this club,” said Hinkens.

Hinkens’ passion for yoga flourished this past summer as she devoted countless days to meditation and practice in a sultry, zen-filled yoga studio. She hopes to instill a similar infatuation in other BSM students. “I love yoga because it is helpful in every aspect of life,” said Hinkens.

But Hinkens also aspires to teach yoga outside of BSM. Already holding the proper certification, she will soon pursue her passion fully through teaching. “I’m in a mentorship program, in which I teach parts of a yoga class at Corepower Yoga with a more experienced instructor,” said Hinkens.

According to participants, Corpora Sana brings a blissful and beautiful beginning to every Friday morning and keeps positive vibes flowing through the students all day. “It relaxes you so that you have less stress throughout the day,” said sophomore Abby Dryer. “I think it really helps.”