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Conor Deterding
The great Harvey Specter once said, “First impressions last. You start behind the 8 ball, you’ll never get in front.” So it’s safe to say the devilishly handsome, naturally brilliant, and all around captivating Conor Deterding has never been behind that ball.  Whether it’s hunting trophy game in the northern woods of Alaska with his lifelong friend George W. Bush, hitting the links of Augusta National with Michael Jordan, or tossing around the pigskin at Johnny Manziel’s summer cottage you can guarantee that Conor is without a doubt wanted elsewhere by much more important people.  Somehow in the midst of all his fame and constant demand he finds time to enjoy well-written literature, film and edit videos for the Knight Errant, eat plenty of homemade meals in order to maintain his fatherly figure, watch an ample amount of USA Network’s Suits, and hang out with his “normal friends” attending BSM.

Conor Deterding, Videographer

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Conor Deterding