Review of Popular Makeup on TikTok


Kaeli Koopman

Loreal Lumi Glotion is easy to apply and comes in a variety of shades, making it a good dupe for the Drunk Elephant bronzing drops.

TikTok is influencing many people around the world. As girls scroll through their For You Page, makeup tutorials and new makeup products flood their screens. Influencers like Alix Earle and Katie Raymond spread the word about the best current makeup products and dupes. Recently, popular products include the Loreal Bronzing Drops, Elf Halo Glow, and the Nars concealer.

Bronzing drops have been popular for a while, with Drunk Elephant as the go-to brand for influencers. They run a bit expensive at 38 dollars for one ounce of drops, which is why influencers have found an alternative that is more affordable. The Loreal bronzing drops are 12 dollars for 1.35 ounces of drops, a better cost-to-product ratio than Drunk Elephant. Additionally, there are four shades of drops whereas Drunk Elephant only has one, making it far more inclusive. The Loreal drops are preferable because they have a better glow and coverage than the Drunk Elephant. You can use fewer Loreal drops and get a deeper tan, making the product last longer. Loreal drops also provide the best bronzing application because it’s a lotion that is easy to spread and does not irritate one’s face.

Another dupe is the Elf Halo Glow, which is a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. These two products can be used as either a primer or a highlighter. The Elf Halo Glow is 14 dollars for 31.5 milliliters, while the designer Charlotte Tilbury brand is 49 dollars for 10 milliliters. Once again, the dupe version has a higher amount of content for a lower price. One downside to this product, however, is that it only has eight shades. The Charlotte Tilbury has 12, making it more inclusive to all skin tones. As for the formulation, the products are pretty much the same. The Elf dupe does need to be mixed with some kind of moisturizer to give a more natural look, while the Charlotte Tilbury brand does not. Nevertheless, I would choose the Elf brand because it’s cheaper and is essentially the same product.

Finally, the last product many influencers have been using is the Nars concealer. Although it may be pricey at 32 dollars for a full-size bottle, I find it worth the cost. There are 30 different shades of the concealer, and it is currently the number one concealer in the United States. They do sell a mini version for 15 dollars, which makes it a bit more affordable. This concealer has a long-lasting wear with a waterproof and sweat-resistant formula. There isn’t a comparable concealer to the Nars at a lower price because the coverage is simply unmatched in comparison to any other brand I’ve used.

Overall, I would recommend the dupes of Loreal and Halo Glow, because you get a longer use out of the product for a lower cost. However, I think it is worth splurging on the Nars concealer because its coverage and wear are unlike any other brand.