New Trends Arrive for Prom 2023


Katherine Johnson

BSM juniors and seniors display their 2023 dresses and tuxes on the dance floor.

BSM prom wouldn’t be complete without months of preparation. Online shopping carts, dressing rooms, and Pinterest dress boards become all too familiar things to students. Trend forecasting is a vital necessity in having a seamless prom night.

Dresses at BSM’s 2023 prom tended to be solid color, silk, and almost floor-length. A strapless neckline was very popular this year as well. Strappy white or silver heels paired well with almost any dress. At the dance, sneakers from brands like Converse, Nike, and Adidas made dancing easier and more comfortable. Natural nails and makeup were a common hit. Junior Abby Peterson went to her first BSM prom this year in a strapless, silk, olive-green dress. “I feel like this year people were leaning towards the more simple side, so I did as well,” Peterson said.

I feel like this year people were leaning towards the more simple side, so I did as well,

— Abby Peterson

Popular dress stores this year were sites like Bec and Bridge, Revolve, and Nordstom. Dresses were bought as early as January and February this year. Some highschools create a way to show students’ dresses before prom day, in order to prevent any repeat dresses. BSM did not do this, but there were very few duplicate dresses.
Suits and tuxedos made their classic appearance. There were the usual black, navy, and gray-colored tuxes, along with some more unique colors, like pink, red, and green. Sunglasses, colorful socks, and shoe choice made plain suits stick out. Ties and bowties typically matched dates’ dresses, adding a pop of color. BSM senior Ike Stelzer shared his prom observations. “I noticed a lot of pink. Also matching socks and shoes,” Stelzer said.

There are trends when it comes to prom photos, and students definitely made the most out of the rainy day this year. BSM seniors had the privilege of taking photos on the football field. Juniors got creative, taking photos at places like backyards, gardens, and country clubs. Group, friend, and date pictures immediately showed up in Instagram feeds the day after prom. There were many photo opportunities at the dance, between the dance floor, dinner tables, and photo booth.

Whether you participated in these prom trends or not, each student dressed to impress. One of the best trends to come from BSM’s 2023 prom was the constant compliments that could be heard among students. No matter what juniors and seniors were wearing, they were very admiring of each other. “I can’t think of a least favorite prom trend, everyone looked great,” Stelzer said.