BSM hosts lenten masses for students


Mike Jeremiah

Students and faculty standing with Father Luke Marquard after a Lenten mass that was hosted by Senior Eucharistic Ministers.

BSM has Lenten masses that start around 7:20 in the Capel Thursday morning before school which is open to both students and factually. It is a great start to keep your Lenten journey strong and start off your day.

The Lenten Masses started before Mike Jeremiah took on the role. “Actually, it wasn’t my idea at the start. It was something that we did years ago, and something that I know Mr. DeLozier continued to do when he worked the with the program for the past couple of years. And then I continued this year,” Campus Minister Mike Jeremiah said.

There is some work that goes into these Lenten Masses but not a lot. “Basically find a group within the school to maybe serve as hosts for the Mass. And this year, we had Mock Trial, Student Council, Students for Human Life, and Eucharistic Ministers. Each of those groups served as a host for one of the Masses,” Jeremiah said.

It’s kind of nice and easy so the Mass starts at 7:30 am and you’re done by like 7:50 am, 20 minutes”

— Nate Litts

These Masses can help whoever shows up. It can help in all different ways as well. “I think it’s something that will grow. I think it’s something that every little thing that we do has an impact and makes a difference. I’ve always said for years, it’s the little things that we do everyday that make the biggest difference. And it’s these little things that we do and who knows the students and adults who attended our morning Masses during Lent, who knows how God might touch them during that Mass where they might hear something or feel something that will help them and guide them with what they might be dealing with in their lives,” Jeremiah said.

Trying to get students and staff to go to opportunity events is usually hard. Lenten masses are no different and with it being before school it can be even more hard. “I don’t know if after school or with activities and stuff that might be kind of difficult. But I would say maybe just advertise it better during the week. Just like maybe a class or like an announcement before maybe send out emails every week. Stuff like that,” Senior Max Wendt said.

Going to these Lenten Masses can help you on your Lenten journey. “It was kind of a reminder of faith I guess. Sort of middle of the week,” Senior Nate Litts said.

Going to these Lenten Masses is recommended because it’s not that bad and does not take very long. “It’s kind of nice and easy so the Mass starts at 7:30 am and you’re done by like 7:50 am, 20 minutes,” Litts said.