Why Should You Thrift?


Courtesy of The World Economic Forum

Thrifting has been a largely increasing trend all around the world. It’s a great way to help yourself, others, and the environment.

Over the more recent years, the consumer’s relationship with the clothing industry has experienced a change for the better with the increase in thrift culture. It seems that every time you walk into your local goodwill, you see a sign bragging about how amazing you are for choosing second hand. I’ve got news for you…those signs aren’t just for show. They aren’t just a part of some big marketing trick to get you to invest in the store. There are so many aspects of thrifting that are beneficial to not just to you, but to the rest of the world as well.

#1:The environmental impact

Whoever said that one person can’t make a difference? The truth of the matter is that one shirt can make a big impact on the environment. Over 650 gallons of water goes into making a single cotton t-shirt and over 85% of all textiles end up in the dump each year. Choosing to thrift clothes or any product can reduce waste and your environmental footprint. By shopping secondhand, you can make a dent in the 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions that fashion production takes up. You can keep these products out of a landfill and pollution out of the air and oceans.

#2: Save money

Clothes are expensive. This is a fact that we are faced with on a day-to-day basis. Instead of turning to fast fashion sites like SHEIN, Romwe, and ASOS (cheap and low quality fashion made in sweatshops), we need to find alternatives that aren’t violations of basic human dignity, like thrifting. There is no greater excitement than finding a high quality product being marked as 75% off, like my Champion crewneck that I bought for 036;12.50. With fast fashion, you are just tricking yourself into buying something that will last a year at most.

#3: Style and inclusivity

In most clothing stores, it’s hard to find clothes that don’t fit today’s trends. It can also be difficult to find cute clothes in general that fit all body types. Thrift stores are well-known for their funky and somewhat unconventional items that will help emphasize your own personal style while making every body type look good.

#4: Supporting your community

Not many people realize that when you step up to the cashier and hand them your credit card to pay for your new found treasures, the store isn’t the only thing you are funding. Many, if not all, thrift stores partner with local charities. Unlike many other shops you will find at the mall, most thrift stores exist not just to serve themselves, but to tend to the good of others.

#5: It’s fun!

Going to a thrift store is like walking into an enormous treasure chest. You would not believe the things you can find that you would never have thought to even look for. You could end up finding your new favorite top, you can find the coolest little trinkets, you could find a cd or vinyl that you’ve been on the hunt for, the possibilities are endless. On my most recent thrifting endeavor, I went into it hoping to find a dress that I could wear to a friend’s party and not only did I walk out with the perfect dress, I also walked out with a limited edition deluxe One Direction CD. I’m convinced that there is nothing you can’t find.