Has TikTok Ruined Music?



TikTok affects teenagers’ opinions regarding viral music.

When you think TikTok, you think of a popular platform filled with edits, dance videos, and the same few songs on repeat. The BSM student body shares their opinions on weather the music that swarms their “for you pages”.

TikTok has grown into an app that heavily revolves around being current and relevant with music, style, or dances. With that being said, the hot new songs tend to be swirled around, sped up, and dances to those songs are created. They trend, go viral, and next thing you know, every other video you see is a trending dance or edit. Though this can be fun, it gets to a point where annoying is a better word for it. “When you hear songs constantly and you see dances over and over you get kind of annoyed,” sophomore Tommy Staples said.

When you hear songs constantly and you see dances over and over you get kind of annoyed,

— Tommy Staples

Heavily in the tween, teenage, and young adult age range, content creators and even just average people create dances that end up trending all over the platform. A quick 10 second snippet of a song will become all you hear for the next week or two. When it comes to knowing an artist, many will simply know the 10-15 second of one of their songs and claim them to be their favorite artist. Freshman Abbie Kagel thinks that TikTok may be contributing to the atmosphere of concerts for popular artists. “People will only know part of one song and just go [to the concert] for it and probably post videos showing they were there,” Kagel said.

With all the negatives that have been highlighted, there are definitely some positive effects that viral music has had on society. Not only is TikTok a platform for famous and beloved artists to share their songs, but it’s also a great environment for smaller artists to bring attention to something they have been working on. “A good thing that can come from [TikTok music] would be that TikTok helps bring like smaller creators to light and show their talents that might usually be ignored,” Kagel said.

Not only is it the latest songs that go viral, but sometimes older songs are brought back into popularity as well. Whether the songs from the 70’s or five years ago, reintroducing ‘outdated’ music can be fun and interactive. “A lot of older music has kind of been brought back which has its pros and cons,” Staples said.

Overused and overplayed are a few words that BSM students use to describe the trending music of Tik Tok. However, there are different views to the topic. Do you think TikTok has ruined music?