RKVC Reinstates Service Requirement to Mixed Reactions


Peg Hodapp

Students made blankets over Catholic Schools Week to help individuals in our community stay warm during winter.

The Red Knight Volunteer Corps (RKVC) is the largest extracurricular activity at BSM which is an initiative that helps our local community through acts of service. This year, a new guideline has been reinstated causing controversy among students: the requirement for each member to participate in at least four service events per semester.

Peg Hodapp, who replaced Becca Meagher as the organization’s new adviser this year, believes that demanding more contribution from each student will help them understand the overall purpose of their work and how it benefits others. “It’s key for students to understand that RKVC was founded to meet an immediate need. When people in the community have something that they need taken care of right away, we have students who are on board to do that…That is what RKVC was founded for. If our RKVC events are not being filled, then it’s a problem for us,” Hodapp said.

Some students think the policy change is unfair. “I had to schedule four different events in one week because I forgot to spread them out during first semester. I ended up scoring basketball games at two different schools and a bunch of little 10-year-olds yelled at me for forgetting to stop the clock. It was very stressful,” sophomore Scarlett Lira said.

Many new members, especially freshmen, understand the new rule but still think signing up for service opportunities can be difficult. “It’s hard when things are before or even after school because I live pretty far away and finding a ride makes it even more annoying. I’m already busy enough with sports and other things, too, so it’s all just a lot of work by the time I figure it out,” freshman Grace Bendickson said.

Meanwhile, others believe the new adjustments are legitimate and have been fairly easy to keep up with. “I think if you signed up you should be expected to engage in the club in some way…You’re going to have to do it eventually,” sophomore Nelson Noglo said.

Fortunately, Hodapp has reassured students that she’s very flexible in terms of communication and helping students get their mandatory number of sign ups in. “RKVC’s rule prior to COVID was that you would get kicked out and removed from the list if you weren’t communicating…I want to add that if people have questions, or if they’re concerned about getting their hours in or whatever, just come and talk to me because I’ve been very flexible with anyone that’s sent me an email and said, ‘Hey, I didn’t get all my stuff done,’” Hodapp said.