Rihanna performs at the super bowl LVII halftime show


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Rihanna performed at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, her first time performing live in 5 years.

Super Bowl Sunday is a common way to get together with friends and family and watch a highly competitive football game. Super Bowl LVII ended with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35. Although most people are excited for the game, the halftime shows are always the talk of the town in the following days.

This year, Rihanna performed live for the first time since 2018 during the halftime performance. It was highly anticipated by many people because of this. She also hinted at who she was going to bring as a guest appearance, which had many people guessing who it was. During the performance, Rihana made it known that she is pregnant with her second child, who was the guest appearance.

Rihanna definitely put on a show to remember. She sang a total of 12 songs in 13 minutes. I think this was a smart move by her because she has so many popular songs. If she decided to sing less songs for a longer amount of time, more people would have been disappointed because they didn’t get to hear a song they wanted to hear.

Another thing Rihanna did that was different was the floating platforms. Previous Super Bowl performances have been performed at center field on a stage. Rihanna had five floating platforms that she used on and off throughout the show. I think that this added to the performance because it gave people in the stadium a better view of her. It was also different for the people watching on TV because it added to the visual effect of the show.

I think many people, including myself, were expecting the overall performance to be a lot more extravagant and outgoing. At the end I was a little confused because everyone was hyping it up so much. Then I discovered that she was pregnant and I understood. I think it was a good performance considering she is pregnant. If she wasn’t, I would have been disappointed.

Another thing Rihana did was not change outfits. In previous shows, performers have taken time out of their show to change their outfits. I really liked how she stayed in the same outfit the whole time so she didn’t take time away from performing certain songs. I also really liked how she wore red and her background dancers wore white so she was always the center of attention.