The All Time Favorite Movies at BSM


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John Wick, Chapter 3 is an action movie, a popular genre among students, and one of the movies students listed as a favorite.

Movies are one of the most prominent and universal forms of entertainment today, and nearly everyone you talk to has their favorites. The universality of movies comes from the large amount of genres available, and you can often get an idea of what someone’s interests are based on their favorite movies and genres. 

Students at BSM filled out a survey asking for their favorite movies and what about those movies they like. Generally, the most commonly appealing qualities students find in their favorite movies are comedy, action, suspense, emotional stories, and relatability. Along with filling out the survey, five students were interviewed to dive deeper into what they love about their favorite films.

A few of senior Liam Schaak’s favorite movies are “John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum” and “Starship Troopers.” Schaak’s enjoyment for these movies is primarily focused on the action, and how compared to other action movies, these two feel more real. “They [John Wick and Starship Troopers] are more real, they’re not like your censored PG-13 action [movie] where it [the action] doesn’t really make sense,” Schaak said. 

One of Junior Maya Dennewill’s favorite movies is “Dolphin Tale.” Dennewill’s love for Dolphin Tale comes from how intriguing and emotionally captivating it feels. “I love the storyline of this movie [Dolphin Tale] and all of the ups and downs. This movie makes me cry every time I watch it, but I love it anyway because of the nostalgic feeling it gives me,” Dennewill said. 

Some of senior Ben Laukka’s favorite movies are the “Die Hard” series. Laukka’s favorite aspects of the films are the exciting action and intriguing storylines. “[I like the] Die Hard [movies] because of the action in each and every film. Every character is interesting in their own aspect as well,” Laukka said. 

One of senior Ruby Wohlrabe Kanne’s favorite movies is “Ten Things I Hate About You,” which Kanne likes because it feels more realistic compared to other romantic comedies. “I love it [Ten Things I Hate About You] because it isn’t super cheesy, and the girl isn’t crazy in love with the guy. The guy falls first and he actually puts in the effort to win her over,” Wohlrabe Kanne said. 

Senior Steve Tangey’s favorite movie is “Crazy Rich Asians.” Tangey enjoys the film primarily for its comedy and the actors. “[I like Crazy Rich Asians] because it’s funny, entertaining, and [I like] the acting,” Tangey said.