Julia Evens Commits to Marquette University for Lacrosse


Courtesy of Julia Evens

Junior Julia Evens commits to Marquette University to play Division 1 Lacrosse.

For the class of 2024, Julia Evens is the first lacrosse player to commit for women’s Division 1 lacrosse at Marquette University. MU is part of the Big East Conference and is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Ever since second grade, Evens has had a passion for lacrosse. This passion started when she was introduced to it through her elementary school. “I started playing lacrosse because my school started a team and I wanted to try it out and see if it was fun,” Evens said.

From then on, Evens continued to be heavily involved with lacrosse. Many elements of this sport are what keep her engaged in it. “My favorite parts of lacrosse are scoring goals, being a part of a team, and getting to travel with my teammates,” Evens said.

She has played on many teams including Elite Pure 2024 team during the club season, Benilde-St. Margaret’s varsity team during the high school season, and was selected for the All-Tournament team during the State tournament for the 2021-2022 season. Evens accomplished all of this as a sophomore. When she isn’t playing lacrosse, Evens is also on the ice playing for BSM’s varsity hockey team.

My favorite parts of lacrosse are scoring goals, being a part of a team, and getting to travel with my teammates

— Julia Evens

MU was one of many schools who recognized Evens’ talent. In the process of decision making, Marquette seemed to be the most promising in terms of communication. “They were always super consistent and came to watch a lot of my games over the past year or so,” Evens said.

For being a fairly new program to MU, women’s lacrosse has had success over the years. With Evens becoming a new addition for their team in 2024, things will continue to be successful for them.

In the process of decision making, MU appealed to Evens’ athletic and academic careers. “I chose Marquette because it’s an awesome school and they have a good business program, which is what I’m looking to major in, and the coaching staff and the team just seemed like the right fit for me,” Evens said.

Throughout this process, Evens has received a lot of support during this experience, “I want to give a shout out to Olivia Olson for helping me through this process as well as my parents and my coaches,” Evens said.