Free Hour Privileges Should be Extended to Underclassmen


Lauren Adams

Students being unproductive during BSM hour.

Leaving early from campus and having the option of coming into school late is a privilege that the seniors get to have when their BSM hour is at the beginning or end of the day. Would this be a well used and appreciated privilege to the rest of the senior high as well? I think yes.

This year, a new policy is put up for freshmen to be assigned quiet study time during their BSM hour. In my opinion, I would be tempted to talk to my friends, take a break, and not get as much of my work done knowing that other students get more freedom. BSM hour (Body, Spirit and Mind), is designed to be a time for students to take a break and choose how they spend their free time, whether that is by taking some time to themselves, working on homework, chatting with friends, or studying. Freshmen being assigned to a designated area gives them a lack of freedom that I personally think they should have.

In my 7th period BSM hour, I notice students (including myself) being antsy, wanting to roam the halls, have a snack, or let off some steam after a long day at school (and for many, before after school practice). On that note, this can lead to students fooling around, meandering the hallways and waiting for the bell to ring. So the question is. Would all students be better off having the freedom to leave campus? In my opinion, yes. It would be beneficial for all senior high students to have the option to spend their BSM hours off campus.

Seniors I have discussed with immensely enjoy the privilege they are given and say it gives them opportunity to spend their time how they think it best benefits them. Just as adults do, high schoolers have very busy lives, meaning many students get a lack of sleep, rush to sports after school, and feel buried in homework. Seniors having the ability to leave early and/or come in late gives them an hour or so of precious free time that is not usually built into the typical life of a busy teenager or student athlete.

I think that giving students freedom to make their own choice on where they would best spend their free time would teach them to prioritize and make smart decisions which is an important skill that should be instilled into the lives of students and young adults. Many students including myself work better in a chill environment alone, and that is not always an option on campus.

What does that mean for underclassmen who don’t drive themselves to school? Implementing this would not eliminate the option of being at school during one’s BSM, simply it would give a choice. BSM areas such as the cafeteria, Cube, and atrium would remain open for students who cannot drive or choose not to.

While I think that BSM hour is a great aspect of the school day, I also think that freshmen, sophomores, and juniors would benefit from getting the same privilege and freedom of choice that the seniors do.