Administration Drops the Ball on Lunch Basketball


Brook Wenande

Basketball is no longer allowed during BSM lunch periods.

For many years, students have enjoyed capping off their lunches with a game of pickup basketball in the Great Hall. Whether it be a full 5 on 5 game, or just a simple game of lightning, students have found pleasure in spending time with their friends over the easy game of basketball. Though, just this year, there has been a lack of supervision in the Great Hall resulting in students not being able to play basketball anymore.

The big question is: Why is the rule in place? Assistant Principal Mr. Matt Weingartz credits this to a combination of things including new teachers, their workload, and lack of staff during free hours. “It’s a combination of teacher workload, so as part of their teaching workload is they have teaching classes, they have an hour of supervision, and then they have professional time as part of a normal day,” Weingartz said.

Weingartz made sure to clear up the misconceptions. “It’s not a new rule. It’s been a rule that’s been there where if we don’t have an area supervised students can’t be in there,” Weingartz said.

Not only was it taken away for basketball, but students are not allowed to commune or hangout there during the day anymore. Students did not react well to this. “I felt more bored during school if I come in and have like, six straight hours of classes and notes. And I can’t break it up with a quick basketball session in the middle during or after lunch. Just kind of gets more of a drag,” Elliot Huether said.

Benilde-St. Margaret’s has a large mass of student hoopers. Two guys who share the love for basketball are Bray Frick and Elliot Huether. Huether and Frick have both been playing BSM basketball since 7th grade. Frick even claims to have played every morning since 7th grade. “I’ve played pretty much every day. So I’d say like 30 minutes in the morning, and then some days free period. So another 45 minutes,” Frick said.

Though spirits are low, Huether and Frick are both hoping that changes will be made to the rules to get them back to their daily routine. “I wish they could throw a teacher in there, so we could do it because it’s a good way to let out some energy during the day,” Frick said.

I wish they could throw a teacher in there, so we could do it because it’s a good way to let out some energy during the day,”

— Frick

Huether shared similar interests. “Honestly, I don’t really get why we can’t have basketball during school. If you have a free hour. I don’t see why not. You should be able to do what you want with the time and shoot some hoops. And, definitely build camaraderie with your classmates by doing that,” Huether said.

Huether, who still plays varsity basketball, has some ideas for the future for possibly making some changes to the rules. “If there was a way maybe we could start a petition. Anything like that. I definitely would vouch for basketball to be brought back,” Huether said.

Basketball may be gone for the time being, but the student hoopers continue to play before and after school. The fun is put on hold for now, but to many students the mantra still stands, ball is life.