BSM Misses the Mark with the Elimination of Class Colors


Lily Butner

Last year’s homecoming t-shirts represented each class color, but now, all the shirts will be fully red.

This year for homecoming, BSM has eliminated class colors in what I think is a failed attempt to unify the school. I am very upset about this change because I feel like it is getting rid of traditions and missed the mark on an attempt to unify BSM.

As a current senior, I have gone through three full years of having an assigned color homecoming t-shirt that the entire grade receives. Freshmen wear green, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear blue, and of course, seniors wear red: BSM’s iconic color. I did my time, along with everyone else in my grade, and almost made it to wearing the coveted red shirt. Naturally, I’m disappointed. I feel like I’m missing out on a tradition that different senior classes before me have gotten to experience.

I feel like I’m missing out on a tradition that different senior classes before me have gotten to experience

— Butner

However, I can see the motivation behind this homecoming week switch. Different grades wearing separate colors can create an air of disunity, and doesn’t contribute to this year’s BSM theme of One BSM. While I clearly see the goals that hope to be achieved from this change, it missed the mark. I’m all for unity, but I believe that each grade wearing their own color actually increases the unity of the grade itself. Not to mention that all of the t-shirt designs are the same, so that contributes to the idea of school-wide bonding BSM is hoping to achieve while allowing for each grade to come together. I remember all of my fellow freshmen showing up in our bright green t-shirts and that was something we all had in common, and I felt really connected to my grade.

In the past, kids from all grades came into school the Sunday before homecoming week and decorated the Commons/Cafeteria with their corresponding colors. Green, yellow, blue, and red streamers were everywhere, along with bright red “CLASS OF 2022” (or the current graduating year) signs all across the walls. I don’t know what to expect for the state of the Commons/Cafeteria this year. Honestly, I’m really bummed that I won’t get to sit under waterfalls of red streamers wearing my red Class of 2023 shirt. These class colors have also been used for homecoming festivities such as the girls Powderpuff game or boys’ volleyball. It was so fun for me to attend the Powderpuff game, watching girls in blue shirts, bandannas, and socks run after girls in yellow with fluorescent handprints on their thighs.

While I’m a big fan of creating an inclusive and cooperative environment here at BSM, I really feel like eliminating class colors is getting rid of many opportunities for school spirit and tradition. I’ve waited three years to make it to that red shirt, and now everyone will be wearing red. It’s not fair to me, my fellow seniors, or every other student here wanting an opportunity to connect with their grade and live out the fundamental traditions of Benilde-St. Margaret’s.