Student Council Elects Leaders for the Next School Year


The new 2022-2023 Student Council meets to collaborate on upcoming tasks.

The 2022-2023 school year student council members have been announced and the Benilde-St. Margaret’s administration staff prepares to train them in.

Assistant principal, Cami Dahlstrom, was part of the committee responsible for interviewing candidates, organizing the next steps for those who were selected, and collecting ballots. The students who stood out the most in these interviews were selected because of their ability to connect with the rest of the student body, accept input, and jump into planing and organizeing school events. The Student Council had the opportunity to work with the administration staff on occasions like school dances and event weeks, school policies, and comparing programs and courses here at BSM to those at other schools. “[The committee was] really looking at representing all of the student body and not just one little portion of it,” Dahlstrom said.

Unlike previous years, the 2022-2023 school year student council consists of only 14 representatives. Of these 14, current sophomore Anna Amaris, is ecstatic to be part of the exclusive group working on these projects. “I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines. I just wanted to make a change and do something different, and I thought student council would be a good way to get involved,” Amaris said.

As part of the requirements to be eligible for elections, students had to put together a Flipgrid video sharing how they plan on improving our school for the rest of the student body to watch. Amaris wanted to make hers relatable, but also provide realistic examples of how she would accomplish her goals. “I wanted to make the video entertaining and also give my values and what I bring to the school,” Amaris said.

Current freshman Brynja Lockman was also selected to represent her class in the election. Lockman wants to be a strong leader for her peers by applying her great communication skills. She thinks the most important qualities to bring to the student council are responsibility and to be open minded. “I think that it would be a fun challenge and it’s a good way for me to actually get involved and change stuff that I want to see changed. And also to kind of be an advocate for other people who feel the same way but aren’t willing to run,” Lockman said.

Dahlstrom says it is key to keep in mind when forming a group of leaders, that they all be passionate about the cause, can fully devote themselves to it, and can all come together to support each other in their jobs to be the most successful. “I think they bring a different dynamic. So I think they’re going to work well with each other, which is really important,” Dahlstrom said.