Class of 2022: Life Beyond BSM

March 17, 2022

This spring, the Knight Errant will be highlighting the future plans of the class of 2022 as students make their decisions. Check back frequently for the latest decisions, and follow along to see how the class of 2022 plans for their next adventures after BSM. Congrats to the Class of 2022!

May 23, 2022

Andrew Lyons

Andrew Lyons is going out west to Lewis & Clark College! The future Oregonian is still deciding his future major. It could be math, or even environmental sciences! Andrew committed to the school in early April, and will be starting classes there this August. 

“I love the location of Lewis and Clark. It’s settled in the woods right outside of Portland and I’ve always known that I want to live in Oregon. Lewis and Clark is also a smaller school which is better for building a stronger connection to the professors and other students.” – Andrew Lyons

Anna Busch

Anna Busch is heading to Omaha this August to attend Creighton University! She plans on keeping herself quite busy over the next four years, as she wants to study English, Spanish, and psychology. Anna committed to Creighton in mid-April, and can’t wait to get started!

“I am SUPER excited to head off to Creighton and I never thought I would be so excited to leave home.” – Anna Busch

Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams made her college commitment during January of this year, and will be attending none other than California Baptist University this fall! As of right now, she plans on studying architecture during her college years. When asked why she picked California Baptist University, Alexa cited its community as one of the main reasons for her decision to attend.

Harrison Do

Harrison Do is set to spend his undergraduate years attending St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. Starting this fall, Harrison will be studying biology and chemistry as majors in addition to pursuing management studies as a concentration. He intends to complete the pre-med track now, but if that doesn’t go as planned he’ll design his own major to be an amalgamation of management, marketing, and human resources. Harrison committed to St. Olaf College in April. 

“I loved the welcoming community when I was visiting. St. Olaf is a beautiful campus surrounded by natural land and the great town of Northfield. Also, the music performance takes place almost every day, and there are always fun events going on on the campus.” – Harrison Do

Kate Daubenberger

Kate Daubenberger will be attending the College of St. Benedict starting this fall, where she’ll study psychology for her undergraduate degree! Kate is excited to spend time in classrooms with fewer students, and she’s also looking forward to going to the same college that many of her close friends will be at as well. Kate committed to St. Ben’s on April 1st. 

“I like that I will still be close to home, but not close enough where I can go home every weekend or my parents can randomly drop by.” – Kate Daubenberger

Tate Lyster

Tate Lyster will be heading off to Purdue University, but he won’t be starting his attendance until the academic year 2023-2024. Until then, he’ll be enjoying a well-deserved gap year as he decides whether he wants to pursue music in addition to mechanical engineering during his undergraduate years. Tate committed to Purdue last winter.

“I kinda just did it because of the school’s cred and high employment rates after graduation. To me, all colleges will be pretty similar so most of the minor pros and cons aren’t so important to me.” – Tate Lyster

Avery Junker

Avery Junker is heading to Villanova University this fall to study political science on the pre-law track! She picked the university primarily for its wonderful community and its commitment to service. Avery committed to Villanova in mid-April. 

“The campus felt super inviting and welcoming and everyone who I met was incredibly kind!” – Avery Junker

Charlie Parece

Charlie Parece will be moving to the US West this fall to attend the Colorado School of Mines! At Mines, Charlie is ready to “learn about a lot of science stuff,” and currently plans on studying coding and computer science. Charlie committed to the school fairly soon after hearing back from it to get ahead in the housing queue. 

“I love the location and the sense of community there, the people seem pretty cool, and there’s a lot of nerdy stuff which I’m a fan of.” – Charlie Parece

Will Peterson

Will Peterson will be starting his college experience in eastern Wisconsin, where he will spend the next four years studying at the Milwaukee School of Engineering! There, he’ll work towards a degree in computer science right along Lake Michigan’s coast. Will committed to the school in late April.

“The people that go to the school are all wacky and zany characters. But what really drew me in was the interaction that I had with a teacher during the admitted students day. The fact that a teacher provided me with that much confidence sold me on the school.” – Will Peterson

May 3, 2022

Sydney Drees

Omaha, Nebraska is Sydney Drees’s next destination as she prepares to play soccer for Creighton University later this year! But those aren’t her only plans: Sydney will be just as busy off the field as on it! On top of soccer, she will also be studying biochemistry as part of Creighton’s pre-dental path.

“The campus is really pretty, but ultimately it was the soccer piece that really pulled me in. The field is amazing and the environment as well.” – Sydney Drees

Lily Mortenson

Lily Mortenson will be spending her college years in St. Peter, Minnesota as she attends Gustavus Adolphus College starting this fall. Lily plans on studying psychology and playing college hockey in a location that is just the right distance from home. She committed to the school in early February.

“They have a very good hockey program and the school overall is incredible.” – Lily Mortenson

Katherine Foe

Katherine Foe will be making her way to Indianapolis, Indiana this fall to begin her college journey at Butler University. An aspiring communications major, Katherine is looking forward to Butler’s small class sizes and strong school spirit!

“Go Dawgs.” – Katherine Foe

Avery Richardson

Avery Richardson is getting ready to move to New York City where she will attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for her undergraduate degree. She made her commitment early this April, and officially starts classes in late August. Avery plans on majoring in fashion business management.

“I love that FIT is in the heart of Manhattan and all of the networking opportunities the school offers. It is a really special thing to be able to move to NYC at 18 and start your career right away.” – Avery Richardson

Bailey Skahan

Bailey Skahan is getting ready to move to Madison, Wisconsin to attend none other than the University of Wisconsin–Madison! An aspiring architect, Bailey will spend her time in college studying interior architecture starting this fall. She committed to the university in late March.

“I love the location—the distance from home, lakeshore view, and city feel.” – Bailey Skahan

Sophia Delgado

Sophia Delgado will be traveling one state over this fall to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison. She plans on majoring in food science, and might even start taking some of her credits this summer. Sophia committed to UW–Madison in early April.

“At Madison, I like the school spirit and academics, and it is not super far from home.” – Sophia Delgado

Murphy Lealos

Murphy Lealos will be spending her next few years right on Lake Michigan, as she completes her undergraduate degree at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Murphy committed in late March, and plans on studying marketing starting this fall.

“I liked the environment of campus, the way it was structured, what the business school offered, and also the city was fun so I could see myself living there.” – Murphy Lealos

Emani Labon

Emani Labon is preparing to head southeast to Atlanta, Georgia to attend none other than Spelman College! Starting this August, she’ll begin to study political science for her major while also minoring in film studies. Emani committed to the school on the first day of April.

“I like that Spelman is the #1 historically black college and it pushes women to make a difference in the world.” – Emani Labon

Max Jackson

Max Jackson is headed to Washington D.C. to pursue a major in political science at The George Washington University. Starting this August, he will begin pursuing a pre-law track as he prepares for a career in law and politics. Max committed to George Washington on April 11th.

There are so many amazing internship opportunities for me in Washington, and the setting will make studying my major a much more immersive experience than it might have otherwise been.” – Max Jackson

Benjamin Frost

Ben Frost just recently set his college plans in stone by committing to Texas Christian University. There, he plans on studying finance and accounting for his undergraduate degree. Ben will be starting his journey in Texas this fall.

“I like the campus, internship & career opportunities, Greek system, and honors program.” – Ben Frost

Maxwell Benning

Max Benning plans on moving down south this fall to begin his new life at Texas Christian University. An aspiring finance major, you might be able to find him day trading in downtown Fort Worth or somewhere near the area. Max committed to TCU right before spring break.

“Always remember horns down!” – Max Benning

Catherine Duffey

Cate Duffey is heading to the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN this fall! As for her major, she hasn’t quite decided yet. She might study psychology, she might study business…she might even study both! Cate committed to St. Ben’s in early February.

“I like St. Ben’s because of the community. Everyone is very welcoming and really wants you to enjoy your time there. Admissions at St. Ben’s always reaches out to me and makes sure to answer any questions I have. I like the small class sizes, too.” – Cate Duffey

Grace Cochrane

Grace Cochrane will be moving to Orange, California this August to attend Chapman University. There, she will study communication for her major while also minoring in journalism! Grace committed to Chapman University in early April.

“I love the location as it is just 30 minutes south of Los Angeles, 15 minutes from the beach, and 5 minutes from Disneyland.” – Grace Cochrane

Audrey Weber

Audrey Weber’s next destination is none other than the great state of Pennsylvania, where she will be a student at Villanova University for the next four years of her education! During those years, she’ll be studying communications with a specialization in journalism. Audrey committed to Villanova on Easter Sunday!

“My decision really came down to wanting to go somewhere where people would know my name and I would be less likely to get lost in the masses of people. I really like how small the class sizes are, how engaged the professors are, the honors program, the contagious school spirit, and the proximity to a city without being right in the middle of a city.” – Audrey Weber

Elizabeth Dietzen

Elizabeth Dietzen is venturing to the heart of Wisconsin to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison this fall! Though she is currently undecided, Elizabeth is considering studying finance or accounting. She committed about a month ago.

“I loved the atmosphere of the students and campus. I am so excited to go to all the sporting events and I also love the college town feel.” – Elizabeth Dietzen

Bennett Miller

Bennett Miller will be moving to the land of the cheeseheads—more specifically, he’ll be moving to the campus of UW–Madison. At Madison, he’ll likely be studying statistics and political science as he plans on progressing along the pre-law track. Bennet committed in mid-April, and moved in during August. 

“I liked the academic reputation and how it was close to home but not too close”. – Bennett Miller

Ava Wagener

Ava Wagener will be heading out east later this year to study finance at Boston College. She is considering majoring in entrepreneurship or marketing, and may even go on to get her master’s in finance. Ava committed to BC in April.

“I am excited to meet new people and participate in club soccer.” – Ava Wagener

Teddy Madden

Teddy Madden is making the long haul to South Bend, Indiana, to attend the one and only University of Notre Dame! There, he’ll be studying engineering with a hint of business at the prestigious midwestern school for his undergraduate degree. Teddy will be starting classes at Notre Dame this fall!

“I like the atmosphere, especially how great the education is. They have great school spirit despite their incredible academics.” – Teddy Madden

Elena Latterell

Elena Latterell will be moving downtown this fall to start her first college semester at the University of Minnesota! For the next step of her education, she’ll be learning the art of dentistry as she takes part in the U’s high-quality dental hygiene program. Elena committed to the school in early April. 

“Very few schools offer the kind of program that I was looking for, so I was lucky that the U of M was an option! I like the convenience of attending a college that’s close to home, and I also really like the U’s large and diverse community.” – Elena Latterell

March 17, 2022

Luke Walser

Luke Walser is making the trip out east to attend Villanova University—located in none other than Villanova, Pennsylvania. Luke committed to the university on February 23rd, and he plans on studying biology for his undergrad. He will start his first semester at Villanova this fall.

“I love the campus and how the students interacted with each other when I was walking around. It is also an incredibly collaborative college so I won’t have to feel like I am competing with my classmates.” – Luke Walser 

Ryan Sever

Ryan Sever will be staying close to home when he starts attending St. Thomas University this fall. Enrolled as a business management/undecided student, he likes the college for its community and distance from home.

Natalia Zamorano

Natalia Zamorano will be attending the University of Minnesota starting this fall, where she will study biology, environment, and society in the College of Liberal Arts. She made her decision just this February, and can’t wait to begin her college journey.

“I really like the location (especially the city), cost, and school spirit.” – Natalia Zamorano

Fiona Lynch

Fiona Lynch will be moving out east this fall to Boston College, where she will major in international studies for her undergraduate degree. She’s also thinking about minoring in French! Fiona committed to BC early last December, and can’t wait to start her new life in Boston.

“When I visited Boston College I really enjoyed the campus and how close it is to the city of Boston.” – Fiona Lynch

Emma Hoen

Emma Hoen will be heading south to Missouri to play hockey for Lindenwood University this July. Although she is officially undecided, Emma is leaning towards studying something related to business for her undergrad. She committed to Lindenwood in September of 2021.

“I love how the campus is so modern and how the location of the campus is 15 minutes away from St. Louis. I also love the challenging schedule the hockey team plays.” – Emma Hoen

Lilly Pihart

Lilly Pihart will be heading just south of the Twin Cities this fall to attend St. Olaf College in Northfield. She plans on double majoring in studio art and environmental studies/conservation. The strong emphasis that St. Olaf puts on liberal arts is one of the main reasons Lilly decided to attend. 

“I am excited to attend St. Olaf because I will be surrounded by people who have many hobbies and interests in common with me.” – Lilly Pihart

Sullivan Lawrence

Sully Lawrence is making the journey to Omaha, Nebraska this fall to attend Creighton University! He plans to double major in both business and studio photography, and intends to be a sports photographer for Creighton athletics. Sully committed to Creighton earlier this March.

“Smaller school in big city, fun atmosphere, good culture.” – Sully Lawrence, when asked what he likes about Creighton.

Cassidy Gonyea

Fort Worth, Texas is Cassidy Gonyea’s college destination. Having been accepted to Texas Christian University in December, Cassidy is currently committed to TCU’s nursing program! She will begin her first semester at the school this fall.

“I loved the sense of community when I visited last year. They also offer direct admission into their nursing program which was very important to me in my decision.” – Cassidy Gonyea

Jack Mulcahy

Jack Mulcahy will be starting the next chapter of his life in Fargo, North Dakota this fall when he begins his postsecondary education at North Dakota State University. Jack’s intended major is natural resource management, and he’s excited to be able to study in a location where he can also participate in outdoor activities. 

“I love the fact that I will be able to hunt and fish nearby while still living in a big town.” – Jack Mulcahy

Annabella Near

Annabella Near just recently committed to the University of Missouri (Mizzou!) in Columbia, Missouri. She chose the school for its appealing campus and focus on academics. Starting this August, Annabella will be spending the next four years studying health science!

“I like both the atmosphere of the campus and the academics.” – Annabella Near

February 24, 2022

Sophia Melsness

Sophia Melsness committed to Merrimack College, located in Massachusetts, during February of her freshman year in high school. In addition to playing hockey for Merrimack, Sophia will also be majoring in business administration and minoring in marketing. She will be reporting for hockey during July and starting her classes at the beginning of Merrimack’s fall semester this year.

“I love their hockey program and coaches, and the location is awesome. I really wanted to play hockey out east and I fell in love with Merrimack right away.” – Sophia Melsness

Luca Platt

Luca Platt will be heading to Iowa this fall to attend Luther College in northern Iowa. During the next four years, he will spend his time playing soccer and studying business—both areas which Luther excels at. 

I like the soccer program and the coach at Luther. The campus is also smaller and the size is smaller and that was what I was looking for in a school.” – Luca Platt

Nicole Doering

Nicole Doering will be going to Cambridge to play softball for MIT in addition to studying chemical engineering for her undergraduate. Nicole committed to MIT right after being admitted in December, and plans to begin her attendance this fall. 

I liked how the students are a community and they are encouraged to collaborate in classes. I also liked the mentality of hard work on the softball team. Overall, I think the people at MIT really want to work together to better the world instead of competing against one another.” – Nicole Doering

Lindsey Layton

Lindsay Layton is heading east this fall to study forensic psychology at the University of Maryland. She committed in January, and is excited to spend time in both College Park and D.C.

“I love how it has a college campus feel but is surrounded by a city. Washington D.C is 20 minutes away, which holds a lot of internship and job opportunities and is also very diverse.” – Lindsey Layton

Lucia Ament

Starting this fall, Lucia Ament will be spending her college years at Baylor University in the great state of Texas. A prospective business management major and psychology minor, Lucia aspires to own a barn and work with horses and riders later down the road. 

“When I toured Baylor I fell in love with the riding program, campus, and community. The riding facility was gorgeous and the coaches were so welcoming and kind… The campus was beautifully laid out and reminded me of home, which was important to me because Texas isn’t necessarily close. I also loved the community that Baylor provided. Everyone was proud of their school, held a high academic standard, and put an emphasis on the ‘family feel.’” – Lucia Ament

Emma Peschel

Emma Peschel is set to attend Ohio State University, where she will play hockey and pursue the pre-med track as a biology major. Although her classes officially start in the fall, Emma will begin training this summer before the first semester. She has been committed to OSU since July of 2020.

The campus and atmosphere is amazing, and the hockey program is extremely competitive and something that I want to be a part of. The academics and resources are amazing due to the success of the school.” – Emma Peschel

Mason Pecci

Mason Pecci will be making his way to Boston, Massachusetts this coming fall to study biology at Boston College. He committed to BC on December 2nd for its great campus, academics, and social opportunities. 

Tibby Hessian

Tibby Hessian will be making the journey south to Mason City, Iowa, where she will attend North Iowa Area Community College. It is there where she will continue playing softball in addition to studying secondary education and english. 

I liked that the campus was close and the dorms were really nice. It was a great fit for me.” – Tibby Hessian

Anne Maguire

Anne Maguire is heading to the Twin Cities this fall to pursue a degree in psychology. She will spend her college years studying at St. Thomas University, having committed to the school just a few weeks ago.

“I really liked the campus and the friendliness of all the students.” – Anne Maguire

Gemma Parish

Gemma Parish will be heading southbound this fall to the state where everything is bigger: Texas! She plans on studying criminal justice at Texas Christian University, having committed just a month ago. There Gemma will be just a 40 minute drive away from her sister, who goes to Southern Methodist University. 

“I love the campus, choices of study, location, and colors, and I love how I know people there.” – Gemma Parish

Maddie Shannon

Maddie Shannon will be making her way downtown this June to begin her classes and soccer training at the University of Minnesota—in fact, she starts both on the very same day! An aspiring kinesiology major, Maddie’s academics will have major overlap with her athletics. Maddie committed to the University of Minnesota last July for soccer. 

“I love the environment on campus and I love the soccer program. I also like that it is close to home but a far enough distance where I can somewhat get away.” – Maddie Shannon

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