A glimpse into BSM’s literary magazine, Apotheosis


Monica Beutz

Apotheosis posters are hung on lockers throughout the school to encourage students to submit their artwork.

Apotheosis is a student-run literary magazine with the goal of showcasing a variety of art ranging from music and poetry to various forms of visual art. The journal publishes art from BSM students to be shown to the whole BSM community.

Apotheosis can be found online at bsmapotheosis.org and a paper copy will also be available to students in mid April. A small group of seven to ten students are a part of the editorial board. These students are chosen each year based on their interest in Apotheosis and their specific specialties in various forms of art. There is a diverse range of ages on the editorial board ranging from freshmen to seniors. Terra Waymire-Rozman, a current junior, joined Apotheosis because she was interested in the literature aspect. “I love the power in writing and am looking to figure out different styles that I want to implement in my own writing as well,” Waymire-Rozman said.

I love the power in writing and am looking to figure out different styles that I want to implement in my own writing as well”

— Waymire-Rozman

The editorial board, led by Mr. Dooley, meets once a month. During their meetings they gather artwork from their fellow students and work together as a design team to create the pages of the magazine. As the deadline approaches, the editorial board is putting in more time after school to pick the best submissions. Evelyn Christopher, current freshman, says the time commitment is becoming more demanding with the approaching deadline for publication. “Right now, we’re meeting probably every week. I’m editing the creative writing submissions and there are about forty stories to go through, so right now it’s a pretty big commitment,” Christopher said.

Some popular submissions include clay, poetry, drawing, film, movies, painting, photography, prose, and printmaking. One of the best qualities of Apotheosis is the variety of artwork that is able to be published from BSM students. Sometimes teachers suggest their students submit their own artwork or essays, but the majority of the work comes from students themselves, according to Christopher. Artwork can be from a school project or independent projects, all submissions are appreciated. Christopher describes the best aspects of being a part of the Apotheosis editorial team. “just the whole literary and art aspect of it. Being able to put together this magazine that I hope people enjoy getting to read short stories looking at super amazing art by other students, and just this community,” Christopher said.

Any submissions are due by April 1st and can be submitted online through the Apotheosis website. Senior Sadie Witterschein is a first year member of Apotheosis and she encourages all students to take advantage of the option for publication. “Submit your work!” Witterschein said.