Seniors are in their full slide mode


Tenekay Johnson

Senior Andrew Lyons in full-on slide mode.

Are the seniors sliding too soon or is the workload becoming too much?

Becoming a senior is something a lot of students at BSM look forward to. Not only does your senior year come with a lot of fun memories and exciting moments, but it also comes with a lot of school work. A lot of students are really looking forward to their “soon to be ability,” “senior slide.” The senior slide is when seniors who have college plans finalized tend to slack off and enjoy the rest of high school without focusing on doing a surplus of work.

Staying up to date with school work in the first semester of school is a simple task since everyone is well-rested and ready for the year, but keeping up with the work after your first semester is more of a challenge.

After the first semester, most senior students are already prepared and excited for their high school career to come to an end. Most seniors are more focused on putting their energy towards making their final decisions on what college they will be attending in the fall. Some students even think that the first semester was less school work than the second semester. “I think the workload is becoming too much, I have more work in the second semester than I did in the first semester,” Senior Dascia Ferris said.

On the other hand, some believe that some, not all, of the seniors are sliding just a little too soon. “I think some seniors might be sliding… Some of them are already thinking about summer and it is not summer yet”, religion teacher Matt Brounstein said.

From the teacher’s perspective, they don’t think that the workload is more in one semester compared to the other, It just depends on where you are in the semester. “I don’t think it is more workload one semester versus another… Because you are midway through this semester, you are expected to do more, you know more, so the assignments are deeper, but they are the same assignments that you would get in the first semester but it is just harder mentally to stay focused.” Brounstein said.