FORTNITE IS on the rise again amongst BSM students


Cam Gelling

Over Christmas Break Many Students Began Playing Fortnite Again.

Students throughout BSM are starting to play Fortnite again after loving the new update.

Fortnite quickly blew up a few years ago when everyone in the world was playing. Fortnite eventually started to die as people got bored and lost their passion for the game. Now Fortnite is rising again especially throughout the BSM community. Friends are playing Fornite every day and many students played a lot over Christmas Break. Senior Conor Keady has some words about the new update and the rise. “The new update is great but I’m more excited to see what else Fornite add to the game in future updates,” Keady said

On December 5th, 2021, Fortnite released Chapter 3 season 1. There’s a whole new map, new weapons, new ways to get around such as sliding, and even the option to go camping. Junior Carsen Brandt loves the new locations that Fortnite released on its new update. Brandt spent time playing Fortnite with his friends over Christmas Break. “The new map is so much better because of the new places that were added and bring me back to the old days when Fornite just came out and everyone was playing, ” Brandt said.

Even though users enjoy playing the game again, it isn’t easy. Fortnite has been out for over four years, so there are a lot of people that have been playing constantly every single day. Brandt says he doesn’t like animals that have been recently added to the game that can kill you. “It can be very stressful when animals are trying to kill you in the game,” Brandt said.

Of the more than 80.4 million monthly activity users that play fortnite some of the users play it a lot and can be seen as addicted to the game. McLeod plays the game a lot because of the bonding with his friends and his enjoyment. McLeod thought playing Fornite with his friends over Christmas Break reminded him of back in 2017 when he played with all of his friends over Christmas break. McLeod said how much he plays Fortnite on average. “I play on average 10 hours of week because the game is just so much fun,” McLeod said.