The infamous return of fanny packs


Courtesy of Tiffany Joseph

Thanks to recent demand, there is no shortage of places to buy fanny packs

Fanny packs have taken BSM by storm. Their popularity is only skyrocketing due to new styles and convenience.

Fanny packs were last widely popular in the 1980s, made from nylon and ripstop. They weren’t considered fashionable back then, but they were a hit because of their durability and practicality. Back then, fanny packs were most often worn around the waist. They progressively fell out of fashion until the 2000s, but recently has had an increase in popularity.

The comeback has been everywhere, from men and women through teens and adults. The reason they are so popular for many now is due to the convenience of the “hands free bag”. You can keep everything in it that would have otherwise been in pockets, or hand held. This convenience is no different than the previous fanny pack trends. However, the shift is in the way the fanny pack is worn; now it is most commonly worn across the body. “When I am hanging out with friends it’s very easy to have everything with me…it’s super convenient that it is on me at all times…I don’t have to worry about holding it since it’s just laying across my body,” senior Kiley Trochlil said.

There was a survey sent out to BSM students asking “do you own a fanny pack?” One hundred ninety-five students responded and 81 students said yes, they do own one. But, the way in which students use their fanny packs differs. “A lot of my friends have fanny packs, but we don’t all put the same things in them,” sophomore Julia Evens said.

Fanny packs serve many different purposes. Whether it’s used when hanging out with friends, shopping, eating out, or running errands, you can have your wallet, cash, chapstick, sunglasses, or whatever essentials you may need, all in one place. “I love my fanny pack because when I am out and about I can just keep my phone, wallet, and keys in there so I don’t have to fill my pockets,” senior Tenekay Johnson said.

I love my fanny pack because when I am out and about I can just keep my phone, wallet, and keys in there so I don’t have to fill my pockets”

— Johnson

Sometimes students use fanny packs for athletic purposes including running, working out, hiking, or other activities. When used in this form, they are often referred to as “running belts.” They have a few different qualities, including sweat/water resistance and a water bottle holder, so your hands can be free. “It is helpful when I run on my own and want to listen to music on a long distance run. I put my phone inside and zip it up so it doesn’t fall out or get sweaty when I try to hold it in my hand,” senior Patrick Mullin said.

Fanny packs have a variety of purposes from being the everyday catch-all to athletic endeavors. The variety of colors and materials make fanny packs a staple in the everyday lives of many BSM students.