BSM junior, Kylie Wagner, adds Dr. Pepper reviewer to her resumé


Brook Wenande

Kylie Wagner and her love for Dr Pepper.

Dr. Pepper can be controversial, but junior Kylie Wagner has an opinion she is confident in. Confident enough to make an Instagram account where she rates it every time she has one.

This Instagram account, @dr.pepper.junkie, has strong reviews. She has three categories that make the best Dr. Pepper: flavor, ice, and presentation. Scores range from one to ten, but they usually don’t sink below five because of her love for the beverage. That’s how she came to run this account. “I just love Dr. Pepper, [and] my friends thought I should review it,” Wagner said.

Most often, scores are brought down due to presentation being the cup and straw combination. It is rare that a score is brought down because of taste, but every once and a while, it happens. “It’s super sweet and sugary. It doesn’t really taste like a normal Dr. Pepper, but if you like sweet, this is the drink for you,” Wagner said on the Instagram account.

It’s not often a drink scores low, but it’s also not often that one gets a perfect score either. The first one to get close to perfect was at Chick-fil-A with a nine and a half on carbonation, a ten on flavor, a ten on ice, and a nine on presentation. That is an overall score of 38.5/40. Less than a month after Chick-fil-A there was a record breaking score of 41/40 at Jimmy John’s with an extra point in the ice category.

Recently, there have been features from some of Wagner’s friends who have sent in their reviews on out-of-state Dr. Pepper. This seems to be the future of the account, and it has potential to go a long way. You can go check out her page to see where to get the best Dr. Pepper. “Don’t forget to drink a Dr Pepper on this fabulous day!” Wagner said on the Instagram account.