Dr. Ehrmantraut Leaving


Brook Wenande

Dr. Ehrmantraut will be leaving BSM after this school year.

On December 13, 2021, Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut announced that he would not be returning as president of BSM next year.

Ehrmantraut has served as the president since February of 2017. Before that, Ehrmantraut worked at BSM from 1999 through 2006. He served as a social studies teacher, business teacher, hockey coach, and dean. In 2006, he also served as interim principal.

As President, Ehrmantraut works closely with BSM’s board of directors and chair Laura Portz in a variety of roles. “There are a lot of responsibilities that fall under this role, but at its core, the President represents and advocates for the mission of the school, creates the strategic direction for the school’s growth and success, ensures resources are in place, and supports strategic management positions,” Portz said in an email interview.

Next year, Ehrmantraut plans to explore opportunities outside education. “I am interested in learning a new industry because I have been in education for a very long time…there are different industries that appeal to me. So I’m looking forward to that challenge,” Ehrmantraut said.

During his long career in education, Ehrmantruat knew that he would eventually leave the field to try something new. He felt that after four years as president, it was the right time to pursue other interests. “I always knew I was going to do something else…I started to really think more realistically about pursuing different paths, potentially in business…I’ve been able to really accomplish a lot of the major pieces I was hired to take on. So it felt like this was the right time to make the move,” Ehrmantraut said.

Portz agrees that Ehrmantruat has accomplished many of his goals during his time as president. “He’s been a great leader in an incredibly challenging time, and I’m grateful for all he’s done. He’s leaving the school in a much better position than it was when he joined. We have updated facilities with the Atrium and the Cube, record-setting enrollment, and an impressive leadership team, faculty and staff who will continue to build on the school’s strengths,” Portz said.

Looking back at his years at BSM, Ehrmantraut most appreciates watching students evolve. “My favorite part over time is watching students from seventh grade to when they’re seniors or ninth grade to seniors…I also love thinking about contributing to the school, making it better knowing that it’s going to be around for the next generation of students,” Ehrmantraut said.

Although he is leaving his formal position at BSM, Ehrmantraut will not be leaving the BSM community. “I’ve been here for 12 years. [BSM] is just a part of me. It’s in my DNA and even though I’m leaving, I know it’s still gonna be there,” Ehrmantraut said.

The board of directors has already started thinking about Ehrmantruat’s replacement; the school has sent surveys to both teachers and parents asking what they would like in a president. The board chose a search committee and will continue to update the community as they look for candidates. “A Search Committee which includes parents, past parents and alumni, as well as a representative from the Archdiocese and a faculty representative, is leading the search. We’re also working with an external search firm to make sure that we find the best candidate, and they have already started the search process… We hope to have a replacement announced by the end of the school year,” Portz said.