“Free Guy” is one of 2021’s top films, especially for video game lovers


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Thrilling and action-packed movie “Free Guy” just might be for you.

Action, thrills, and genuinely hilarious exchanges: Free Guy, starring Ryan Reynolds, deserves a standing ovation. Free Guy was released near the end of summer on August 13, 2021. If you enjoy watching or playing video games, the movie Free Guy will fit you. Free Guy is a great movie to watch with your family and even better for those who enjoyed the video game Fortnite.

Reynolds, known as Guy in the movie, is the banker in the video game. Guy later finds out he is a non-player character in the video game and eventually becomes the hero. During the movie, Guy is trying to save his friends from the deletion by the creators of the video game. Guy meets a girl who he is in love with named Millie, known as the actor Jodie Comer. The movie is filled with lots of action and thrill to keep the people watching engaged. I would give the movie 4.5 stars because the movie overall has a great heroic plot. I wouldn’t give the movie 5 stars because the movie isn’t for everyone. If you don’t find video games interesting, then this movie probably wouldn’t be the best for you. The movie received a score of 94% on rotten tomatoes. Screenrant gave Free Guy a top 10 ranking for movies released in the summer of 2021

Although the movie is PG-13, I think the movie can be inappropriate at times for kids to be watching. The movie includes lots of swear words and non PG-13 jokes. I think the movie should be for 16 years or older due to those factors. For movies like this there should be a category for PG-16.

In the movie, a very popular gamer known as Ninja is seen in a few scenes in the movie. Ninja is very well known for his streams on Twitch for playing the video game Fortnite. As of October 2021, Ninja has the most followers on Twitch with over 17 million followers. Ninja will draw young fans to the movie because kids like Ninja for his Fornite skills, comedy and his enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, according to Screenrant, Disney plans on not making Free Guy 2. I think they could easily find ways to make a series out of this movie. The reviews they got after making this movie is unbelievable. I don’t know why Disney wouldn’t turn this movie into a series. If you have time and want to watch a great movie by Disney, there is no better movie to watch than Free Guy.