BSM gains a helpful new substitute coordinator this year


Brook Wenande

Ms. Hugdahl is the new sub coordinator at BSM.

Alyssa Hugdahl recently joined the BSM community as the new sub coordinator. With the task of arranging classrooms, students and teachers all in a manner of timeliness, she has been successful so far this year.

Being a sub coordinator entails operating the automated sub system, processing and retaining all sub records. She also has to find which sub would be the best fit for each class. Being new to the school presents the challenge of learning where each classroom is and becoming familiar with each teacher and the subjects, although her previous experience has provided her with knowledge of how to work with educators to coordinate and compromise on a solution where all parties are happy. “I would work with them (kids with anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc.) and their school to come up with a condensed school plan for them so I feel like that really helped me with sub coordinating because I really learned a lot about sub coordinating and making things work and making sure both parties are happy,” Hugdahl said.

After graduating from the University of Missouri in 2019 with a degree in education, she had a job that helped prepare her for a Minnesotan school setting. After graduating, Hugdahl worked with a variety of schools in Missouri before coming to Minnesota. “I was in a variety of schools in Missouri such as rural and city schools, with many varying demographics…I knew I wanted to work in schools in Minnesota because they have a really great reputation,” Hugdahl said.

Hugdahl discovered her passion for education her senior year of high school when involved in an internship program at an elementary school. She became interested in private schools while working as an educational specialist, “I had never really known a lot about private schools, but when I worked with them in my previous job I was always really amazed by how great they were,” Hugdahl said.

Through her work with private schools, she came across BSM and was enthralled by the community she would be working with. She saw a job opening and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of BSM’s environment. “I could just really tell they cared and that kind of just drew me in,” Hugdahl said.