Meet the Red Knight: Lunch Lady Bailey Miller

Lunch Lady Bailey Miller loves McDonalds fries.

Ceci Cronin

Lunch Lady Bailey Miller loves McDonalds’ fries.

Where do you want to be in 15 years?
“Still working at Taher, and hopefully maybe living on my own or with my friends or something.”

What talent do you find unique or important to you?
“I’d say basketball.”

Describe your childhood in 4 words.
“Fun, awesome, crazy, unique.”

Who is your hero, and why?
“I would say my sister because she’s a new mom now, and it’s fun watching her be a mom.”

What is an item you bring with you everywhere, besides a cell phone?

What makes you laugh?
“Everything, people make me laugh.”

Are you someone that wants someone to spoil the end of a show or movie for you?
“I don’t mind when people do that, I mean it depends on which show or movie.”

What is your least favorite fast-food chain, and why?
“Arbys, probably because I don’t go there that much so I’m not that used to it.”

What fast-food chain is your favorite?
“Mcdonalds because their fries are so good.”