‘good 4 u’ is Olivia Rodrigo’s new heartbreak anthem

Olivia Rodrigo embraces her new stage of post-breakup life with single good 4 you.

good 4 you album cover, Geffen Records, Fair Use

Olivia Rodrigo embraces her new stage of post-breakup life with single “good 4 you.”

Olivia Rodrigo - good 4 u (Official Video)

On May 14, up-and-coming artist Olivia Rodrigo released her third single of the year, one week before releasing her debut album SOUR. Driven by the international success of her first single “Driver’s License” and subsequent release “deja vu,” Rodrigo’s newest song “good 4 you” encompasses her rage and healing process seen in her other two songs.

Slightly different from her other songs, “good 4 you” has a 2000’s pop-punk vibe that Rodrigo matches perfectly in the music video. Rodrigo’s inspiration and artistic choice in the video perfectly matches the energy the song gives off. Several different scenes replicate the 2009 dark comedy “Jennifer’s Body” starring Megan Fox. Many people also believe that the cheerleader scene outfit closely resembles the one Mandy Moore wears in 2001 classic “The Princess Diaries.” Her adaptation of these feminist icons just further proves that she is in a new stage of development and ready to leave boys behind to focus on herself, like the characters from her inspiration. The music video echoes the use of classic teen movies as a storyline that Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” popularized.

“good 4 you” takes Rodrigo’s heartbreak with “High School Musical: The Musical: The Show” co-star Joshua Bassett to a new level. Steering away from the depressing undertone of “Driver’s License” and cynical vibes of “deja vu,” “good 4 you” shows her in a new stage of moving on: anger.

All three of her singles, early releases from her album SOUR, have very similar vibes. In a review of her latest release for FAR OUT, Tyler Golsen perfectly encapsulates the similarity in her songs when he writes, “same song, different font.” All three are about the ending of her relationship with Bassett and each shows her in a different stage of healing. “Driver’s License” showcases her freshly broken heart and struggle to find herself after losing someone she loves, and “deja vu” is a bitter take on an ex moving on. “good 4 you” focuses on moving on. While she is clearly still in the healing process, “good 4 you” proves that healing takes time, and moving on comes in phases. While the stage of moving on and underlying tone that each song represents is different, all three songs–and most likely her entire debut album–are bubble-gum pop variants that are made to be screamed to.

Perfect for summer, her three releases give three very different, yet very similar, songs to open the lungs to and let it all out. Whether you want to scream-cry your heart out to “Driver’s License,” scream-sing to music box nostalgia of “deja vu,” or scream-scream the Paramore-esque “good 4 you,” roll your windows down, turn up the volume, and scream.