“Unpopular Opinions” abound at BSM


Lucy Hanson

Students disagree about the best kind of chips.

A survey was sent out to BSM students to share their unpopular opinions; 98 students shared their thoughts on everything from how much pulp should be in juice to whether cold or warm weather is better.


31.8% of students said pulp makes juice better.

Other Unpopular Opinions
“Nutella is overrated,” sophomore Nicolette Bisson said.
Taffy is bad.
Pineapple belongs on pizza.
Caribou is better than Starbucks.
Mushrooms taste good.
Mac and cheese is overrated.
I don’t like pie.
Bananas taste bad.
Tomatoes are delicious.
Hot sauce tastes good on pizza.
The cookie dough part of cookies tastes the best.
Coffee tastes bad.
Only the original pringles taste good.
“White chocolate is better than milk chocolate,” senior Charlie Juckniess said.
Green apple is the worst flavor in every candy.
Ramen is not soup.
Water tastes weird.
“Orange juice is better than apple juice, pickles are gross, and chicken tenders taste bad,” junior Lily Mortenson said.



Some Unpopular Opinions
“Beyoncé is overrated,” Bisson said.
“Big Time Rush is better than 1Direction,” Mortenson said.
Female artists are better than male artists.
Country music is the best music.
Kpop is good music.


TV & Movies

44.3% of BSM students said The Office is not funny.

Other Unpopular Opinions
Movies are better than TV shows.
Lord of the Rings is better than Star Wars.
Friends is overrated and people only watch it because it is well known, not because it is funny.
Youtube is better than Netflix/Hulu.
Julie and the Phantoms isn’t just for kids.
Rogue one was a good movie.
Rey and Kylo’s kiss in Rise of Skywalker was unnecessary and out of place.
High School Musical 3 is the best one.


Some Unpopular Opinions
“Lululemon is an overrated brand,” senior Finn Murphy said.
Sandals are overrated.
The shoulder pad trend should come back.


Some Unpopular Opinions
Gymnastics is the hardest sport.
Hockey takes more skill than any other sport.
Dance is a sport.


26.3% of BSM students said cold weather is better than warm weather.

Other Unpopular Opinions
Sign language should be a language option in school.
Cats are better than dogs.
Fall is the worst season.
History is the best subject.
Reading is fun.
Video games are not fun.
The game Among Us is overrated.
You cannot separate the art from the artists.
“Putting a period at the end of a text adds aggression, and making your bed is a waste of time,” senior Maya Jones said.