Engineering invites teachers to lunch and to learn

One bonus for students of BSM is all the activities and electives at our dispense. But there is one elective that expands students development beyond information and toward innovation: Engineering.

On Wednesday October 24, the Engineering Department hosted a “Lunch and Learn.” At this event, faculty and staff were welcome to come down to the engineering room during lunch and learn about the class.

Recently, the engineering teachers realized that a lot of faculty and staff of the BSM community didn’t know what went on in their “fancy” facility in the basement. “We came up with an opportunity for them to come down and get a sense of what engineering is all about,” engineering teacher Paul Wichser said.

We came up with an opportunity for them to come down and get a sense of what engineering is all about”

— Paul Wichser

For the engineering students, it was just a regular day that involved faculty observing everything their course entailed. Senior students in Engineering 3 guided the faculty, showing them around. The students described what they were doing, and teachers had the opportunity to ask questions and observe a normal day in the engineering world. “It was cool and fun being able to explain what we were doing to some of my peers,” junior Mark Platt said.

A fun twist to the “Lunch and Learn” was that teachers not only got to observe projects that students had been working on for awhile but take part in a project that involved them. A few teachers were able to take home a wooden name plate with their name and a quote of their choice engraved. For example, Dr. Skinner was given a plate with, “See miracles everywhere.”

This is the first year that the engineer program did something like the Lunch and Learn. And though they don’t think this exact activity will be yearly, they would still like to do some sort of an engaging activity for the faculty and staff each year. The engineering program wants more people to be educated about this unique class. “Before, doing this, no one had reason to go down to basement, but now they do,” Wichser said.