Jesuit schools from across the country visit BSM

Students engage in discussion with JET representatives.

For the past four years, BSM has been asked to participate in the Jesuit Education Tour (JET). This year representatives from 18 Jesuit schools came on Friday, October 26 during first and second period, so students could come and see the colleges of their choice and ask questions. 

It should be noted that the schools ask BSM to host this small college fair. “We are asked by the schools participating in these fairs across the country if we’d like to have our own JET Fair each fall at our school during the school day,” guidance counselor Ms. Amanda Anderson said.

The schools there includes all of the Loyola’s and Xavier’s as well as many others. Jesuit schools are a part of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order, and they are founded by St. Ignatius Loyola and St Francis Xavier. “As a Catholic high school, BSM students are natural fits for the Jesuit Catholic Colleges,” Anderson said.

That is only a part of why the colleges came, they also came for the students––to encourage them in their progress throughout their college journey. Junior Elizabeth Valley went to the college fair and had a great experience. “I went because there were colleges that I was interested in, and I could talk to them, and it was fun to see what they had to offer,” Valley said.

Despite announcements about JET being in the daily bulletin, it’s being advertised through posters and email, many students didn’t know about the opportunity, or if they did, they didn’t go. “We do wish more students would take advantage of this opportunity to talk to admissions representatives. We have thought about making it mandatory for sophomores and juniors to attend, and [we] may require attendance in the future. A lot of the schools that come are schools that people end up applying to,” Anderson said.

BSM hopes to continue this event to provide for the students and hopefully in the future more people attend. “It was really convenient to go after first hour and just talk to them and see what they had to offer,” Valley said.