Seniors share tricks to of surviving life at BSM

Erin Lerch and Sarah Hansberry share a few crucial BSM hacks. Put them to use to better survive the school day

  • Walking through the main hallway after lunch can be a traffic jam! An easy fix you can try is to use the Great Hall as an efficient detour when the halls are busy after lunch.
  • Save the earth and your bank account by using the hydration station instead of buying water.
  • Become friends with the moms in the spirit shop so you can snag free candy while also having a good conversation.
  • Chef Raul is the plug if you need specialized meals or want help you deciding on what to eat for lunch. Get to know him on a name basis, so he can satisfy your tastebuds.
  • Use the south lane of the parking lot to save time at the end of the school day, this is the lane closest to the synagogue.
  • Need some icy water? Stop by the drinking fountain outside of the english classrooms for a refreshing treat.
  • During your free hour, get to the library swifty so you can secure a prime napping spot in the comfy chairs.
  • When the paper towel dispenser in the girls’ bathroom is jammed, you can press down on the keyhole on top and release to reveal a full roll of paper towels.
  • First is the worst, second is the best when it comes to stalls in the girls’ bathroom. This stall houses the best flush at BSM.
  • Bringing your laptop case home is a waste of space in your backpack. Save a trip a trip to the chiropractor and leave it at school.
  • Pit stains? Yikes! Head on into the bathrooms and dry those pits under the air dryers for a quick fix.
  • Do you ever find yourself needing a little pick me up during the day? Visit Mr. J’s office for free candy and a smile! #Jmart
  • If you forget your laptop at home, don’t fret! The help desk is always willing to lend out loaner laptops!