BSM gears up for annual student vs. teacher basketball game


Maddie Kurtovitch

Each year, BSM’s week of March Madness celebration culminates in a student vs. faculty basketball game. Last year, the students took the win, but––with talent on both sides this year––either side could win.

With March Madness coming up, BSM will celebrate its annual Students vs. Faculty basketball game. All grades get to come together and watch the students and teachers battle it out on the court. Hank Wolfe and Abby Mead will represent the seniors, Eleanor Mitchell and Carlton Cronin are playing for the juniors, Nicholas Figueroa and Hope Wang are representing the sophomores, and Megan Watts and Sam Lilienthal will be stepping onto the court for the freshmen. On the faculty side, the players are Chef Raul C. Templonuevo, Jeremy Craemer, Kaitlyn Gathje, Jeff Fix, and Kirsten Hoogenakker.

This game is highly anticipated by all the teachers and students, especially Chef Raul. “I’m stoked I’m in it. I’m gonna bust ankles and I feel totally honored. I feel bad I’m going to make the students look bad… I’m also excited because I don’t know who the other staff members are,” Chef Raul said.

In a rare yet humble perspective, he thinks the win will go to the students, citing the juniors will as the biggest competition. “The juniors have fire in their eyes, they’re hungry,” Chef Raul said. He attributes his skills on the court to a dedicated system of personal rituals. “After a hard day of work, I like to throwback an IBC root beer and get my head in the game listen to some rap music, or something with a nice beat,” Chef Raul said.

After a hard day of work, I like to throwback an IBC root beer and get my head in the game listen to some rap music, or something with a nice beat.

— Chef Raul

His no-look passes are his strength that he believes will be a big contribution to the team. “They better be ready for it. I’m going to throw them out like hotcakes tomorrow on my birthday,” Chef Raul said. Overall, he his looking forwards to all the energy the crowd will bring. “I’ve seen the games in the past and I love the energy in there, I think it’s really cool… Its really fun and give some entertainment to a full court,” Chef Raul said.

Another teacher who has been preparing for this game is religion teacher Jeremy Cramer. “I think we’re going to show the students what’s up,” Cramer said. He thinks the teachers will win this game because they’re older. “Teachers will win because we have experience on our side,” Cramer said. Just like Chef Raul, he believes the juniors are also their biggest competition. His pre-game rituals he hopes are going to help win the game. “I say a little prayer and do a little stretching,” Cramer said. 

On the other side, the students have high hopes for their performance and are in it to win it. “I think that the students will be able to win. I believe that our speed will help us,” senior Abby Mead said. She sees Mr. Fix as being a big competitor. Mead is a big believer in her pre-game traditions. “When I use to play basketball I would always put my uniform on in a certain order. Right sock, left sock, right shoe, and then left shoe,” Mead said.

As each side gears up for a fierce competition, it’s clear that this year’s Students vs. Faculty game is not one to miss.