Administration plans expansion to building

BSM reveals plans for construction, expected to start in the summer.


Knight Errant photo by Ashley Ortizcazarin, Knight Errant design by Andrew Cadle

Above is an artist’s rendition of what the new changes to the building could look like from the fields.

Since BSM’s founding, there have been various strategic plans to further enhance the school. These plans have consisted of updating and modernizing facilities to further improve students’ experiences. This upcoming summer, BSM will begin work on a five-year plan that is designed to improve the student experience, operations, and facilities

BSM’s president, Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut, has been forming a new strategic plan with assistance from fellow school leaders. This new plan looks specifically at modernizing current classrooms and creating additional learning spaces. “It’s the end product of many minds looking at the future,” Ehrmantraut said.

It’s the end product of many minds looking at the future.

— Dr. Adam Ehrmantraut

Over the past summer, renovations were made to the main lobby entrance and the Haben Center’s entrance. These, however, are not considered to be a part of the strategic plan as they were solely for renovative purposes. The proposed additions are directed more towards advancing technology and modernizing the school. Although developments will be gradual, efforts can already be seen in a few math and history classrooms.

The most significant expansion will take place near the theater hallway. A tiered performance space will provide access to the basement as well as another learning environment for the students. Made up of glass to bring in natural light, this space will lead into three new lab spaces. “Theater classes could stage a production, and journalism classes could operate their multi-faceted departments. The creative space as used [by] the Knight Errant team would be a real-world experience where the writers, designers and photographers could work in one space. Actors could act… in a stage-like setting,” English teacher Ms. Katie Belanger said.

Looking at a smaller, but not less significant, scale, the science and engineering classrooms are headed towards an update as well. Modernizing will include additional technology and increased storage. “Bringing technology…up to date will help students be ready to encounter [the] same type of technology when they leave,” science teacher Mr. Tanner Stevens said.

Demolition and construction are planned for in the summer, but no summer camps will be cancelled or disrupted because of this. However, because of the project’s magnitude, building will continue into the school year but hopefully end next winter. “There will be times when we will change traffic flow around the area or… when it will be a little noisy…but beyond that, it won’t be overly intrusive,” Ehrmantraut said.

Funding for these expansions will come from the capital campaign. “When you’re doing major, large-scale capital improvements, often times [there will be] fundraising,” Ehrmantraut said.