BSM hosts open house for potential students

On Monday, October 16, BSM held its first open house of the year, designed to welcome prospective students.


Mary Youngblut

BSM welcomes prospective students.

Henry Witterschein, Sports Editor

Students who are interested in coming to BSM have two opportunities to visit before making a decision about what high school they will attend. This year the first open house was on October 16th and over 77 families visited. The open houses go from 6-8:30pm and, they have a variety of events to explore.

From 6-6:30pm there are booths set up in the Great Hall for most of the sports and clubs at BSM. This time is for parents and their children to see and hear about the variety of activities that BSM has to offer. The booths are run by students so parents and prospective students can ask questions on what it’s like to be a Red Knight. “It was helpful to learn about activities I don’t know a lot about, and it helped talking to the student -run booths,” prospective parent Ms. Tiffany Joseph said.

[The open house] gives visitors a glimpse into what life as a Red Knight actually entails.”

— Betsy Van Cleve

After the 30 minute period in the Great Hall, the people touring at the open house go to the theater for a more in-depth presentation about school and life at BSM. “Parents and visiting students are invited to hear from a student panel during the Open House. Dr. Steve Pohlen, BSM’s Director of Technology and Learning, moderates the panel presenters and walks through four avenues of learning that make BSM unique. These include our Biomedical and Engineering program, our award-winning journalism program, service-learning in the classroom and beyond, and real-world learning experiences. It gives visitors a glimpse into what life as a Red Knight actually entails,” the Associate Director of Admissions Betsy Van Cleve said.

The open house offers opportunities for future high schoolers to get first hand experience of what it means to be a student at BSM.