2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Scroll through this slideshow to find gifts for all types of people.

Wooden Tic Tac Toe Set- This miniature tic tac toe set is perfect for the person who travels a lot. Putting a tic tac toe set into a carry on and using it on a plane is much easier than using a napkin and pen. This classic game will keep kids entertained for hours. Amazon.com- $24.99

More gifts for everyone on your list!

Moshi Digits- Moshi, a brand known for portable phone batteries, has come out with their version of touch screen gloves. A warm touch screen glove will keep hands warm in the winter, especially for the people whose phones are never charged and hands are always cold.

Moshi.com- $29.95

Human Creations EnergyFlux Ellipse Wrap-around Hand Warmer / USB External Battery Pack- Human Creations’ wrap-around hand warmer and battery pack can charge your phone while keeping your hands warm for up to 6.5 hours. This gift is perfect for the person whose phone is always dying and somehow always forgets both mittens and a charger.

Amazon.com- $29.99

CaliCase Floatable Waterproof Phone Case- Perfect for people who like to spend a lot of time on the boat in the summer or are planning on going surfing, this waterproof phone case will keep your phone afloat long enough so you can see it to retrieve it. Also allowing users to take photos and videos while underwater makes this case a must have for people who like to spend time in the water.

Amazon.com- $14.99

Portable BBQ Grill Briefcase- Perfect for the traveler who enjoys to cook, this portable grill disguised as a briefcase can be fired up in a hotel, in a car, or anywhere there is charcoal and enough space to cook. This is a must have for any traveler, however, make sure they don’t mistake it for their real briefcase!

Amazon.com $61.99

“The World is your Burger”- Put together by a burger fanatic, this book perfectly tales the history of the hamburger with pictures, essays, and short quotes. Any hamburger expert or anyone looking to extend their palette will love this book.

Amazon.com- $27.16

What Do You Meme?- Find a group of your funniest friends and make sure they are fluent in their memes and play the game that will make everyone laugh for days. A version of Cards Against Humanity, this wildly inappropriate game will make even your grandmother cry laughing.

Amazon.com- $29.99