Senior Noah Bridges runs his own business “Bridges to College”

The logo for Bridges new company Bridges to College.

Photo Courtesy of Noah Bridges

The logo for Bridges’ new company “Bridges to College.”

At some point in their lives, most people dream about running their own business. Oftentimes, these dreams end when one is told that they are too young or just too lazy. For a certain BSM senior, this is not the case. Meet Noah Bridges, manager of “Bridges to College.”

The idea of starting his own business really appealed to Bridges since both of his parents have started their own companies. Inspiration struck him last year. “I just couldn’t ascertain what my strengths were and what I wanted to be doing for a major in college,” Bridges said. 

He took a personality test to try to figure it out, and found that it really helped him discover some of his strengths and unique abilities. After this experience, he decided that he wanted to help out other students who were having the same issue——struggling to figure out what they wanted to pursue in college. Thus, “Bridges to College” was born.

“Bridges to College” is a test that analyzes personality and aptitude that provides students with ideas that they could pursue as a college major or a potential career down the road if they are already in college. “It’s the most selective and detailed test like this in the world,” Bridges said.

It’s the most selective and detailed test like this in the world.

— Noah Bridges

Bridges hopes to continue with his business after graduating BSM. “It works out well since most of my business interactions take place on the internet and so I could still work even if I might not be in Minnesota,” said Bridges.

Bridges does see this as a potential career option to take on professionally. For now though, he is just focused on small development and taking it day by day over the next few years, and has future plans to create his own website and build a client base to further advance his company.