Local golf pro becomes head BSM boys’ golf coach


Jake Farrey

Head BSM boys’ golf coach, Tyler Millis, is also a golf pro at Wayzata Country Club.

This year the senior-packed varsity BSM boys’ golf team enjoyed a new addition to the coaching staff–Wayzata Country Club Assistant Pro Tyler Millis. Golf is a major part of Tyler’s career and everyday life, as it’s what he does for a living, so being a first-time golf coach has just come easily for him. “It’s very enjoyable, being around good kids that all have one team goal in mind,” Millis said.

Millis got involved with BSM sports when he became the junior varsity BSM girls’ hockey coach, where he ran the program for two years before taking the head coaching job for the varsity boys’ golf team. The transition has obviously been smooth, given the role golf has in his life, but that doesn’t mean that he has the same coaching style for golf as he does for hockey. “I coached two years of JV [girls’] hockey at [BSM] and obviously one is hockey and one is golf, which are different sports, but golf is very mental; you have to have good physical ability but also test your patience and your nerves, so it’s a lot [about] mentality,” Millis said.

Millis gets to go straight from his job at Wayzata Country Club to the varsity BSM boys’ golf team’s practice at Baker National Golf Course. He gets to take the experience of working with adults and kids at Wayzata, and use that to try to develop the younger generation of golfers on the varsity boys’ team at BSM. “It’s great [because] I get to take my knowledge and expertise and apply it to how I coach, and it’s nice to see the players listening and really taking in what I’m trying to portray. Golf is a great sport, golf is the sport of a lifetime, and it’s nice to see young men playing it,” Millis said.

As a new coach of the varsity BSM boys’ golf team, Millis has a lot of goals not only for the team, but also for himself. He wants the team to show up every day, to work hard, and to simply improve. A goal he has for himself is just that of letting the players relax, as well as keeping practice fun and enjoyable for the players, so that they really get the most out of their golf career at BSM. “I want the team to come to practice every day [and to] work hard, and I think [that] our results will start to show that. Our team scores will start to get lower, our individual scores will start to get lower, and I think that will go a long way,” Millis said.

Already halfway through this varsity BSM boys’ golf season, Millis isn’t quite sure about what his outlook may be for the future, in terms of how long he will be coaching golf at BSM. He knows that there will be a lot of takeaways from this season and changes that he will see by the end of the year that he will use to shape next year’s team, but for now the team is just giving it their all.