“Battlefield 1” changes the pace of the “Battlefield” franchise


Photo Courtesy of Flickr

“Battlefield 1” keeps the staples of the “Battlefield” franchise while changing the setting by putting players into the heart of World War One.

Battlefield 1″ is a video game based in World War 1, that was released on October 26, 2016. The game was made by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

“Battlefield 1” is a big leap for video games, since there haven’t been many hugely popular games based in WWI. The game uses a multitude of maps, many based on battles that actually happened, such as The British fighting against the Ottoman Empire in the Persian Gulf.

“Battlefield 1” includes planes, trucks, motorcycles with sidecars, horses, and certain vehicles that come to a team if they are losing, such as an armored truck. There are multiple different game modes, such as Conquest, where the goal is to hold as many points as possible.

Since the game is set in WWI, weapons are also from that time. The guns have bayonets, and most are semi-automatic. The rifles are strangely accurate, which is unrealistic because the rifles weren’t as accurate back then. The rifles were heavier, the scopes weren’t well made, and they had more sway.

The players add a unique feel to the game. Without a multiplayer option, the game would be much worse.”

— Henry Quant

There is an option in the multiplayer mode to create a squad with friends, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. When playing with friends, it is easier to secure objectives, which creates a stronger sense of unity within the game.

The damage intake ratio could have been better. With some weapons, they go right through the player for an instant kill. For others, it is nearly impossible. Furthermore, the planes and aircrafts in “Battlefield 1” are very difficult to use, and are difficult to control. The land vehicles, such as the tanks, are even worse, with such a limited field of view that they are nearly impossible to use.

Overall, “Battlefield 1” is a big leap, but still manages to stay in touch with the way that “Battlefield” was originally done. It’s realistic and keeps the players immersed in the WW1 setting, which makes it one of the stronger games released recently.